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Monitor Archive for August 5, 1983

Strong dollar pinches Europe
Britain looking to private companies for new strides in cable TV
On not thinking
Touring the colonies

Socialist prime minister is first in Italian history
Candor and cars
Nicaraguan troop sortie reported by Honduras
AT&T talks near strike deadline
Timely harvest aids taste, improves yield
With voter registrations soaring, Nigeria acts to bar phantom ballots
Dollar daze
Silencing destructive criticism
Governors offer sympathy - but no money - for wartime internees

US steps up role in Chad war
A delightful bonus for Wodehouse fans; Jeeves Takes Charge Comedy conceived and adapted by Edward Duke from the writings of P.G. Wodehouse. Directed...
Braking the dollar - experts weigh what will and won't work
After Reagan's 'apology'
Exile postpones return to Manila
Comment on attic vents
Judy Woodruff and the future look in TV news
Mortgage rates flatten housing industry's recovery
Here's $244,000. What are you going to do with it?
Mario Soto stakes claim to stardom with fastball, concentration
Britain's brighter footlights: US tourists call for encores
Can business sense save South Africa?
Rock is rolled out of Soviet discos

AT&T agrees to drop use of the name 'Bell'
Blacks clash with police in South African township
US Mideast envoy sees Israeli leaders on pullout
Thaw in Reagan-Andropov cold war: Is the grain deal linked to Central America?
From the beach
Salvadorean labor leaders say land reform is stalled
Realtors vs. burglary
House-passed IMF funds face accord with Senate

Right-wing militias agree to end Lebanese sit-in
Getting a 3-D view of the sun

How 98th Congress avoided 'gridlock'