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Monitor Archive for August 4, 1983

US hand in currency markets may not help dollar's image in Europe

Small-missile advisers from US arrive in Chad
Finding out why people 'tok' the way they do
Jury still out on USFL; a baseball 'trumpet section'; and oh, those 'gimme' putts!
Solidarity asks Poles to show support Aug. 31
Jihan Sadat: a world symbol comes out of seclusion
A bad ban in southern Africa
Jimmy Carter interview
Helping third-world women

Italian premier-to-be to present Cabinet
Italian elections: the good news and the bad
Physicists verify existence of tiny 'bottom' quark
West Germans wary of '1984'-style ID card
Mississippi's new-style politicians reflect progress in South
Photography that captures the feeling of an era
Jose-Luis Clerc on hot streak reminiscent of 1981
Bowie Kuhn quits baseball position
The many masks of modern art
Homing in on hunger

2nd-biggest stock offering due -- by savings institution
From a Degas painting
Finding solutions for the problems of Africa's refugees
Life on the farm . . . and in the new oil fields . . . of Illinois
Reading your electric meter helps rein in energy use
Railroad retirees rest easier after Congress approves pension package
As Jimmy Carter sees it:

Lebanon's Christians plan for supremacy despite Muslim majority
Not a moment's rest
Office lessons
It's a good time to tune up home heating systems for winter savings
Britain weighs advanced computer project
French space firm charges unfair advantage for US space industry
Chinese leader's blunt book sets stage for housecleaning
Hollywood's new way of hyping a film -- any film. 'Flashdance,' 'Staying Alive' promoted by videotapes

Despite war and drought, fewer Chadians go hungry

Military retirement reform would save money and talent
Trader Brock sees thawing in US-Soviet commerce
Giving films the old soft soap
El Salvador's refugees at home -- an unreported toll of war
The likelier winner
Direct marketing leads ad industry out of slump

When it comes to films on Russia, they've seen enough
ABA gives Reagan school-tax win
US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements
US accuses GM of lying about X-car brake defect
Great Lakes algae -- an example of polluted data
The Common Market at 25: crisis or comeback?
Is preservation good for Miami Beach?