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Monitor Archive for August 3, 1983

Key to improving human rights: 'Bring the Army under civilian control'
As Greenspan sees it now
US governors seek more federal aid: Is anyone listening?
Where we can pray
Whether president or rebel, Chad's Habre is a survivor
Christians protest orders to leave base near Sidon
A history of American music; Music in the New World, by Charles Hamm. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. 722 pp. $25 .
Sri Lanka arrests Communist leaders
Choosing and caring for leather furniture
Britain: camping, caning, China, and capital punishment

New zucchini recipes to try -- every way but stuffed
To redeem the routine
Concerts provoke GASP protest
Digging and delving
US watches as Texans give textbooks very close reading
States zero in on acid rain problem
Fighting over leadership of Palestinians heats up
Kittle, McMurtry top rookies; will Yaz really retire?
Should there be a 'Marshall Plan' for Central America?; Yes
Black leaders look for ways to turn enthusiasm into action at home
Adventure story 'Krull' offers myth, romance, and howling cliche
Should there be a 'Marshall Plan' for Central America?; No
Why US put a lid on rise of the dollar
Family finances: don't keep spouse in the dark
Canada's own acid rain scorecard isn't so clean
Teacher unionist prefers incentives over merit pay
Mr. Bai, entrepreneur, joins China's Communist Party

The Tanglewood triumphs of Klaus Tennstedt and Yo-Yo Ma
Annie Oakley tale outshines other new novels; The Secret Annie Oakley, by Marcy Heidish. New York: New American Library. 233 pp. $14.95.
Brisker economy puts heat under inflation forecasts
Many whites help blacks cope with a searing drought in South Africa
Democratic governors decry big budget deficits
Reagan optimistic talks can help in Latin America
French and US weapons to help battle Libyan jets in Chad
Some summer ideas for using microwaves
US isn't the only superpower wrestling with rising defense budgets
The seven deadly economic sins
Experts say attitudes, not laws, will halt drunk driving

Twenty against the mob
Orange pound cake complements ice cream
Comfortable, luxurious leather furniture for the home
'Operation Deep Sweep' sails off to search beneath the sea
What life is like today along the forgotten 'Iron Curtain'
Giving elegance to the common cucumber
Iraqi 'gold rush' finances Gulf war
Poles may lift travel restrictions soon
Valuable player
On the trail of human rights in El Salvador
Shortage of materials and food: the uncast vote in Nigerian elections
USSR hints it would talk of mid-range-missile pact
When swinging, get the right arm into the act in the proper way