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Monitor Archive for August 29, 1983

'Spirituality or Materialism: Crossroads for Humanity'
West waits to see if Andropov missile offer more than propaganda
Midwest drought impact eased by corn reserves
A spoof of Wasps and old money
The missing link in the debate on educational quality
Brazilian terrorist trades his gun for novelist's pen
Holding on to Houston
Church leader warns Marcos on Aquino inquiry
Japanese-Soviet relations strained despite small moves toward dialogue
Pakistani police arrest government foes
A tale of two teams
City reflections
Serkin and Marlboro: affection and music in Vermont's green hills
Oh, those political promises!
West Bank colonization: slamming the door on peace
What's at the heart of Christian healing?
Worthy jobs for young people
Wanted: 'star quality' candidates
Your first test at State U.: finding a way to get along with freshman No. 76948
Are the knowledge-exploders going modest?
Lebanese Druse leader meets McFarlane
Want to know what time the sun sets in Istanbul? Consult a Geochron
Japan patching up trade relations before Reagan visit
Central Luzon turns out for Aquino
A renewed respect for full-time mothers
Rally leaves unanswered questions about next decades for blacks
Polling the people, a Kremlin dilemma
Chad government expected to launch new offensive
Chile ending 10-year state of emergency
Former Globetrotter helps superstars be superstudents
Zambia to hold national elections
Australia: Labor budget is surprise
China warns of possible revival of Japanese militarism
Racers' reunion
Navratilova at top of women's tennis, but still seeking first US Open title
A mother discovers the comfort of companionship
Labor unionists: 'We've given up enough. No more.'
Hijackers take French plane to Tehran
Begin resignation threat stuns Israel
Student shortage makes colleges the pursuers instead of the pursued
Some signals hint of rising oil consumption in US
Striking phone workers return
Reagan vs. feminist Honegger: a hot-weather tale
Former leaders discuss world economy
Forgotten peace plan