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Monitor Archive for August 25, 1983

Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
'Acid rain' activists could be aiming at wrong target
A rich, unpredictable look at European avant-garde filmmaking
For the hard-to-please this Christmas: gift of goat butter?
OIL: Santa Barbara braces for a boom it doesn't want
Peugeot celebrates 25 years in US with a classy limited-production model
Where do we go from here?
Turkish authorities seek international help in battling Armenian terrorism
The US Navy's daring new ship: Will six be enough?
Ban space weapons
The Home Forum Competition
Why readers never get reports from Chad's battle front
Clearing up the President's brush-clearing
Former security chief calls Israeli settlements 'hothouses of terror'
Marcos regime sets up probe of Aquino assassination
Argentine politician killed by gunmen
Greek Cassandras bewail economy, say IMF bailout needed shortly
Alums pitch in for public schools
Sowing reform in Soviet agriculture
Armenian infighting may be at root of attacks on Turks
Libyan troops reported moving south in Chad
True victory in sports
Reagan faces an uphill battle on defense buildup
Aston Martin rebuilders
Shuttle to expand frontiers for NASA - and philatelists
'I'm going . . . to create a new day for my children'
Democrats see new '84 issue in Chrysler bailout
Begin coalition threatened as party ponders pullout
A parable of pastrami
Massachusetts prisoners win right to register to vote
L.A.'s bilingual media
My gap in the hedge
Reagan policies criticized for hurting US Hispanics
Moral issues increasingly test today's researchers

Talks in S. Africa please UN chief

Pan Am drug crackdown; 3-point basketball overtimes
Democrats' boss has no time for 'goofiness'
Celestial chocolate chip chit-chat in New York
Roger Noll thinks he's got answer to inept government
Miami finds it's not easy being an international crossroads
Marines in Lebanon facing increased danger
Ralph Shapey, certified genius - a story of hidden talent
Gary Ward: a strong, talented young hitter who is finally reaching his potential
Falling bricks and rising tuition
August's quietude broken by a French musical and a moving revival. 'La Cage' is skillful, glittering, but flawed, while 'Corn Is Green' is still val...
Motorbikes or veils? Women in Morocco now can choose
Solidarity underground's future hangs by a thread
Mississippi voters select gubernatorial candidates
Stepping into a Lagonda transports you to another world
The many masks of modern art; 'Isn't this a lovely little world I've made?'
Don't hobble US scientific research
Spheres of influence
How a private company rejuvenates old downtowns

East German boss warns of Soviet arms responses