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Monitor Archive for August 24, 1983

In West Germany, trade with Soviets makes good marks
The family: a collection of good friends
The artist's self
On the road in the Soviet Union: four hours with a Russian hitchhiker
West Germans discover their forests are dying
Liberian President visits Israel to discuss Libya
Japanese journalist sticks by his story on Aquino killing
After a seminar with Stafford
Unions to bury Thatcher hatchet?
Parkman's absorbing, classic pre-Revolutionary history is back in print; France and England in North America, by Francis Parkman. Edited by David Le...
A baby boom, s'il vous plait!
'Blessed are they that mourn'
The choice in Central America
Keep the recovery on track
Pan American games hit by drug scandal
Historic house could also be a tax shelter, but look it over first
The renaissance of New York's Central Park
Some US employees' pay will be whittled in October

It looks like a trend -- cooking chicken with mustard
US South in transition: What should it take into its future?
Merit pay can work
Afghan King may be rallying point for divided resistance
Needed: a federal law to curb computer eavesdroppers
A bouquet for the gentleman -- or father, or husband
Affirmative action: the struggle goes on for parity in the workplace
Economical, yet different, recipes for cooking on the outdoor grill

Philippines, US wait for probe of Aquino killing
Soviet merchant fleet poses threat to Western shipping
US planes to quit Sudan; Libyans advance in Chad
Point handle at ball for better returns
'Avant-garde': What does it mean today?
Hammett bio, two new whodunits, criticism; Hammett: A Life at the Edge, by William F. Nolan. New York: Congdon & Weed. 276 pp. $16.95.; Dashiell Ham...
Polish workers fail to rally to call for job slowdown

What's good for Caterpillar. . .
Tower decides not to run for reelection to Senate
Bilingual businesses
Legionnaires hear Reagan attack peace movement
Dotting i's and crossing the government: Polish writers are written off
Two-man MVP battle; Phillies fire up
Two apple desserts with new variations
US businessmen still bullish on Reaganomics

The Home Forum Competition
Unlikely but delightful roles for two veteran stars
New, super-tough ceramics with high-tech promise
Brazilians clamor for 'moratorium' on paying off huge debt
Mozart's version of 'Messiah'. When masters rework the masters - the results can be appealing
'Grime Fighters' make clean sweep of Boston streets
Swazi kingdom says no to modernization

Guyana sees politics behind US loan veto
British challenge: Can fewer workers fund more retirees?
Ad industry puzzle: how to remove stains on its own public image.

New job plan replaces flawed CETA