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Monitor Archive for August 22, 1983

Nkomo returns to Zimbabwe, but not as the power broker his followers expected
Tracking parents who don't support children
Warm front in US-Soviet relations
The Home Forum Competition
The Gershwin gaiety
Aquino assassination may put Marcos on spot
A tale of sweet potatoes and firecrackers in China
Cable TV sports -- and book authors on videotape
Is UN chief walking into a trap, or opportunity, in Namibia?
Anti-apartheid movement launched in South Africa
The last trip of summer

Allowing children to make clothing choices
Sorting home mortgage options

On when the US will get a black president
Nuclear aid to Argentina
Church sanctuary -- ancient tradition in a modern world
'Come on over'
Egypt wants timetable for Israeli troop withdrawal
Decentralizing America: a trend with global roots
Mr. Clark's ascendancy
A higher perception
The personal side of jazz - through an artist-photographer's eye
College football 1983
The Marc Rich case: US tax collector vs. Swiss secrecy. Scene: An Alpine town where money flows freely
America's deficit gap grows despite a booming economy
Polish government starts new writers' union
A tale of 2 languages: for Hispanic immigrants, shift to English is slow, but sure
Translating Chinese into modern-day computer-speak
What's in a name? Kirsten's in, Henry's out
France hopes unused strength can persuade Libya to talk
Union officials consider new phone company offer

Teen-ager Carling Bassett adds bright new look to women's tennis
Voices in the wilderness: political, religious dissidents
PLO denies Fatah faction was behind Athens killing
Giant resort firm in Korea fights to clear its name
Polo more than a social event at famed Myopia Hunt Club
Estimates rise as Texas tallies hurricane damage
On not preparing for the first day of school
US and Soviet Union may be headed for more stable nuclear balance
'That peaceful country'
Protests sweep Pakistan in effort to restore democracy

A feeling grows Congress should slow deregulation

Blacks end migration from South
Salvador rebels reported set to meet US envoy