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Monitor Archive for August 15, 1983

Joint custody: a workable option?
Pinochet rattled but defiant over Chilean protest
Reagan holds summit with Mexican President
The subminimum wage: less than meets the eye
The new Cornelius Bumpus - without the Doobies - is pure jazz
Save the ashes, please
The move toward mediation in custody cases
A call to renovate farm programs

Too many facts, not enough knowledge
French forces await Qaddafi's next move in Chad
Soviets won't allow US to question Soviet youth
The articulate Mr. Carter
Utilities, outside industries dispute power-cost figuring

He kept his promise
As Libyan planes hit farther south, Chad's capital shows signs of war
Salvador, Guatemala plan a swap
New course is effort to fight Soviet divorce
Productivity: What is America's problem?

Checking out a success story: how one library gets community support
Zia promises 'Islamic democracy,' but critics are unconvinced
Chinese, British hold talks over the future of Hong Kong
'AWACS diplomacy' reassures friends, warns adversaries

To promote global understanding
Radcliffe-Harvard program opens science and math study to women
Nigeria moves its capital out of the swamps

Small crowd turns out for Pope in French town
More Americans are curling up with a good library book

Purifying our heart's desire
Finesse, not speed, may hold the key to sustained US recovery
China's treasures tour US
Striking airline workers press for solidarity
Archaeological dig: a labor of learning
Uncle Sam's land for toxic waste?
State lawmakers shy away from acid-rain challenge
Brokerages proffer an array of things for downs and ups
Rubbish was an explosive issue one day in Florida
Children can teach adults lessons, too
NFL's electrifying Chargers try to put defensive house in order
Israel questions how it will live with 1.3 million Arabs
A skilled, joyful tour of the 'Dance for Gold'

On the Orient Express
The year 2221
Three cheers for three golds
6 killed in violence during vote in western Nigeria
A check into cheating