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Monitor Archive for August 11, 1983

East discovers East in Westernized South Korea
Bhutan. Land of the dragon
School lockers -- no sanctuary
Mr. President: How about a hand for little savers?
The wonderful worth of man
State lawmakers worry that court ruling may curb their veto powers
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something due
Three Cabinet ministers kidnapped in Lebanon
A surge in venture-capital funds
Pakistan waits for Zia to uncover political blueprint

The Kissinger commission
President Reagan may visit Peking, aide says
Energy-stingy designs to help rescue American dream
African leader says 'I'm no pawn of Libya'
Hurdler Moses first to tape for 81st straight time; baseball potpourri
Ex-Mayor Kucinich wins Cleveland council seat
Kangaroo appeal sent to Reagan
High Soviet official plans to visit China
West Germany tries to paint a flexible West and rigid East on missiles
A case for monotony
Urban League branches seek ways to survive lean budgets, depleted staff
Despite support, Kuhn steps aside as baseball boss

Who pays piper? Who calls tune?
Biologists try to allay fears regarding genetic research
Salvador peace moves, yes -- but strictly 'a brick at a time,' as US sees it
South Africa's black students grow restless
The many masks of modern art. Toward a give-and-take

Touchy Autonomy law overruled in Spain
Why teachers object to merit pay
Student involvement: a spur to small town revitalization
Salvadorean rebels attack freight train
Dome homes spark more interest
Liege is bankrupt, but most residents hardly notice
Chile gets a Cabinet controlled by civilians
France points a finger at Qaddafi. Paris warns: 'Whatever the Libyans do, we will match'
Walter Mondale. 'I wasn't ready in '74,' he says. 'Now I am.'
Veto of A-arms use seen as likely W. German issue
Infrared telescope opens new vistas to space scientists
A message against vigilante justice that lands with a thud
From Rhode Island's Trinity Playhouse, a bittersweet picture of man at war
Nationwide program helps revive America's main streets

Isabelita Peron, who left Argentina in chaos, eyes top post

Two new records set by US dollar

New stock issues setting record pace
Private businesses scan horizons in space travel. A Houston team may be first with a manned station
Come with me
A ready-built home or one from scratch?

EPA takes on regulation of genetic engineering
Chad: a primer