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Monitor Archive for July 5, 1983

Qaddafi promises friendly ties to surprised Morocco
Disappointment healed
A latter-day look at Grant Wood, American hero
Reagan's dollar-and-cents summitry
The biscuit dancer
Can Shultz's stop in Mideast help head off partitioning of Lebanon?
Kremlin steps up threat to West Europe

South Africa restores rights to some leading critics -- but for how long?
The rising cost of Israel
Richmond College: 'Little America' in London
Saving Grace, or how not to waste the taxpayers' money
Navratilova, McEnroe rule Wimbledon
Court narrows 'insider' stock trading rules
R. Buckminster Fuller: inventor, architect, author
Folkestone -- by Orient Express
TV's loose control knob
Kremlin counts on informers to keep Soviet society in line
'We deliver'
Officials cite faulty design in bridge collapse
Third world disappointed at economic conference
'We want out!' say Staten Islanders
Chronicling change in the cast of superpowers
Shultz tries to keep US-India ties durable -- but vague
The legislative veto; What would Madison have thought?

Atom smasher breaks a record
The Heidelberg countryside
CCC-17 call home; an end to hooky, cooperative education
Cezanne: reconstructing direct vision
A stock analysts' roadshow accents 'getting to know you'
Education takes a backseat to survival in rural Pakistan
US Open counts birdies, eagles, and . . . chipmunks?
A play space for children and parents
Hafez Assad, the 'lion' of Syria, plays kingpin to Mideast peace
Recycling crusade proves practical for cities

Arafat loyalists work out ceasefire with rebels
Iraq, Egypt begin to break ice
High court's impact on Reagan policies, criminals, rights
Not all 'Orient Express' trains go to the Orient

Business school dean; New stride for pioneer economist
Congress starts search for way to recoup veto power
Clean humor stages a comeback try

Huge frontier project has potential to pay off Brazil's debts
A stock analysts' roadshow accents 'getting to know you'
Americans are less than enchanted by 'Soviet Life'
Medieval tours of England, France

Caring a fig
Cloning: science in search of an ethic
When Brazil's soldiers go back to the barracks
Tomorrow's leaders debate today's challenges at World Affairs Seminar
When realism and compassion are called for