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Monitor Archive for July 29, 1983

Liquor ads have free rein on cable TV
Reagan loses a tax bill, but gains aid plan for Caribbean
Nigeria vote will test democracy in Africa

Mr. Watt's good step

Nasa; T-plus 25 years and counting
Debate heats up over need to arm Jewish civilians on West Bank
You like loganberries? You'll love tayberries

Balancing . . .. . . act
Robinson's job: to rebuild Rams
The confusion over Central America
Poles' new protest laws diluted at church request
Andropov's era of factory reform begins with a whimper
States question plan to ship nuclear waste on roads, rails
Israel's 'magic trick'
What Turkey might do
Japan tiptoes cautiously toward better relations with North Korea

In between politics, PUSH delegates discuss bread-and-butter issues
Why Baghdad is wooing Washington
Regulations costly
NPR unlikely to go off the air
US says new grain deal with Soviets agreed on
Home run with tarred bat ruled OK
Prayer that brings results
Cleaning shingles on cottage which linseed oil turned black

US judge halts Boston elections. Action is another example of court upholding 'one man, one vote' principle
The FBI at 75
Israeli official says shift of troops is a step to exit
Gas guzzlers of '50s, '60s are selling as classics
Houses averaging $100,000? The day may not be far away
Volvo can't build its stylish cars fast enough to satisfy demand
This is a big year for Cesar Franck's D-minor Symphony
3rd space-shuttle launch delayed by satellite test
'Gentrifying' Boston's South End
Call me later
Memories of Mussolini stir Italy - and neo-fascists
NASA celebrates its silver anniversary
Reagan's armada: a warning to Managua, little comfort at home
Stone denies saying ships aren't just for exercises
Western nations consider rescheduling debts for post-martial-law Poland

Units that produce instant hot water
How spirits industry takes advantage of changing tastes