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Monitor Archive for July 28, 1983

IMF bill in doubt despite Reagan lobbying, dire predictions
In Kenya, audiences roar at language in 'Jedi' film
A conglomerate giant comes to its knees in Brazil
Peking and London begin to come to terms on Hong Kong's future
Claudio Arrau
Women call for equality at World Council of Churches meeting

Begin survives test votes on last day of parliament
TV film gives US railroad a new China card
That rarity, a western - this time from Canada
Advance preparation can lead to profitable and successful garage sales
Southern California's hotbed of future auto designers
The US does need more Soviet experts
Sylvia Porter's self-help money guide for young adults
Basing a battlewagon in Boston Harbor; Pro
With good harvest likely, Soviets play for time at grain talks
Healing heart ailments
Overlooked films
The cold Antarctic pie - who will get the biggest slice?
Behind the bat controversy; back-country basketball; golf blunder
Sampling the Bard at San Diego's new Old Globe
Waterfront chic in New York: Fulton Market sets the tone
Cracking Chile's home market?
Toyota making fresh assault on US compact-car market with Camry
Verses in a dry land
Latin Americans call US moves in region provocative, unwise
Viva 'show and tell'
Student-turned-pro cyclist captures Tour de France in first try
2 arrested in connection with securities firm failure
Herzog documentaries
Senate backs MX output, passes '84 defense bill
Strong images of New York's street life
Generating capital: utilities look to rest of the century
US agency will not charge lawmakers with drug use
Salvadorean land reform in jeopardy, study says

Volcker confirmed for new Fed term
Reagan defense buildup prompts strategy debate
Nagging questions
Heritage books - some love 'em, others feel cheated
Like mother, like daughter: sharing a commitment to art
Nuclear industry's upbeat tone - more hope than substance

'California dream' beckons Asian refugees to resettle
Many unions seek new contracts
The many masks of modern art
Some Vietnam refugees find a backdoor into China
Dire consequences
French communists try to fit nation's missiles into NATO's weapon count
Turkish center in Lisbon stormed; at least 7 killed

Ridding sports of drug abuse
Despite presidential assurances, critics look for Central America hidden agenda
Basing a battlewagon in Boston Harbor; Con
Wanted: trucks to carry food to drought-stricken Ethiopians
Nations jockey for position to share in Antarctica's mineral wealth
Film Festival retrospective