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Monitor Archive for July 27, 1983

Massachusetts churches get voice, but not veto, in locating liquor outlets
A bumper crop of gardening books
Protect buyers of used cars
Public, private groups join to battle illiteracy
Copper firm fights labor-set wage pattern
Easing of quiet plight of nation's illiterate adults comes to light

Spiral of West Bank violence -- an eye for an eye for an eye . . . ?
Hawk on the wind
A refreshing cold soup is pretty, too
Concert halls should check for pagers; Beepers, buzzers, and Beethoven don't mix
Canaveral's other fliers
'Mame' is back -- as irresistible as ever; Mame. Musical Comedy by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (book) and Jerry Herman (music and lyrics). Bas...
Arctic natives feel gaze of resource-hungry world
Promoting peace in the Western Sahara
Economy surges, deficit shrinks, but . . .US experts concerned at long delay on fiscal action
NPR approaches bankruptcy
Japan wages war against traffic pollution
Sri Lankan troops try to curb racial violence
Check your distance, plus other putting pointers
Sparky evaluates division battle; Brett brouhaha
Kissinger doubts Viet-type role in Central America
Nothing predictable in this summer's new salads
Test reforms unveiled for Soviet industry

'Equity loans' on your house may be handy -- or harmful
Four-year search for a 10,000-year US nuclear waste site
Moonlighting: additional income helps make ends meet

A view of Panmunjom from the other side
A political split widens in Islamic Iran
EC doesn't see a flood of curbs in US steel move
Thanks, Mr. Habib
Forecasts are mixed; America's saving ways with oil -- will the trend go on?

Specter of war haunts fragile Honduran democracy
Iran's new power struggle
US aid for drought relief in Ethiopia is expanded
US report: civilian victims in El Salvador on the rise
Polish regime to propose some tough new laws
Weinberger to visit China on Asian visit in the fall
Getting along with the 'next government'
Another federal bailout?

Pentagon's mapmaker: the military's 'AAA'
Why I watch birds
Legal ethics code: Will the states follow US Bar Association's lead?
The right time
Poland poised between dogma and reform
Why birds watch me
30 years later; Lessons from the Korean armistice