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Monitor Archive for July 25, 1983

Richard Lugar's daunting task: holding a GOP majority in Senate
Lag in heady new issues hints of market weakness
Ho hum surrounds this year's Kool Jazz Festival
Finding loving homes for hard-to-place children
Reagan's pot of political gold abroad
Iran says it defeated Iraqi counterattack
Rawlins, Wyoming
Good news for money markets, says Chase VP

GOP strategy tied to another Reagan race

Congress still wants to question Rita Lavelle
Taking a cue from industry
Washington wades into pollution with plans for new Clean Water Act
'Tough cop, nice cop' tactic; US increases pressure on Nicaragua
Land-use bill evolves through cooperation, not conflict

Canada tries to trim big newspaper chains down to size
Kevin Kline's Richard III -- master of villainy

White House says it's not considering Salvador plan
Plant hunters
US recovery brightens prospects for global economy
Optimistic forecast for third-world economies
3 join to oppose Lebanese head

Reforms reach China's southwest

W. German government reassures US of its support for new NATO missiles
Suzuki method has young musicians playing like pros
And now some literary fiction in your morning paper
Morning walk
Taiwan races to match mainland's new combat jet
Grateful to Syria
Choosing a career of helping others
China's people's liberation army
US sees Lebanon as vital to peace in the Middle East
In Chad's war-weary capital: bullet holes, hunger, and hope
The sheltering stone
Thatcher Cabinet may balk at plans to cut spending further

Iconoclastic historian re-evaluates our century; Modern Times: The World From the Twenties to the Eighties, by Paul Johnson. New York: Harper & Row....
From $10 an hour to $3.35: jobless settling for less
A carrot for Poland?
Top Israeli ministers head for Washington
Movie, TV stars play the role in annual baseball extravaganza
Government planes were misused, says report

The year of the bridge: lessons in creative maintenance
Reagan's supply-side experiment may have just begun
Pushing back the frontiers
Let the House vote on the immigration bill
Looking to Japan for arms technology