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Monitor Archive for July 20, 1983

Safety panel urges check of airlines' lavatory motors
Kissinger's return
Church-state social contract emerges in Poland - with Soviets' blessing

President's panels: not just a cool shelf for hot issues
The fiction of Hawthorne and Melville reappears in superb new editions; Nathaniel Hawthorne: Novels, edited with chronology and notes by Millicent B...
Warm fruit desserts made with summer's tart cherries
How 100 MX missiles would look to the Russians

Begin's canceled trip: another hint of his possible retirement?
Going too far
House committee hires former Watergate prober
Astros lift off; Rose shows signs of fading
US to join Honduras in military exercises
The hustings are stirring early as Percy challengers get in line

Different ways to freeze blueberries
Remove the pits or not when cooking cherries
Washington wonders how to patrol your new electronic playground
Brazil takes tricky step out of default - but unions refuse to dance along

How Melville's family background influenced his art; Subversive Genealogy: Politics and Art in Herman Melville, by Michael Paul Rogin. New York: Alf...
Is it time to ride that bull market?
Oil cartel's dilemma: self-discipline, and cooperation of non-OPEC states
How to gain the most space from a small room
A fund combining Ma Bell's new brood: how good?
Seeds of conflict in a salad bowl?
Revamped Braniff stands good chance of getting off the ground
More than one mole was on staff, Carter suggests
Judging the law; Sentencing is no game
Making the skies safer
If Emily had used a word processor
France has a frugal summer and newly modest President
A 'simple golf swing' that really works
Ask not for whom cowbells toll, they toll for tourists
California Democrats scrap December primary
Thousands evacuated in path of Yangtze
Simple farmhouse foods give the true taste of Wales
Nicaragua's revolution four years later: some gains, much zealotry

A new-old dinosaur in England
Summoning that light within
The gifts of cellist Yo-Yo Ma; Heart in performance: let's not let it vanish
Congressman apologizes to Massachusetts voters
Business + risk analysis = safer investments abroad
Dancers who talk with their feet
A quota to beef about
New options may help cool water feud in California
Do-it-yourself decors flourish in British design showrooms
Lebanon survival and US credibility at stake in Gemayel-Reagan talks
Poland planning to free political prisoners soon
Our steady source of health