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Monitor Archive for July 11, 1983

Padres sing praises of new pitching ace

Fred the magical elephant
My shopping poem
New NEA leader speaks out for nation's maligned teachers
Reagan plans bill to strengthen housing laws
Peering into the future of the performing arts
Relief from the summer viewing doldrums: Kuralt and Moyers
They run
Chinese grads seek 'iron rice bowls'

US trains Lebanese Army to replace Israelis
Another US oil company leaves Italy
Fishing the river
House of Lords. A prized anachronism
French jets may give Iraq an edge, but Iran vows to fight on in Gulf war
Our family without a TV
Loyal Chad troops launch first counterattack
Turk links KGB to Pope plot

Soviets try for 'survivability' in war
Appeals court declares 'Squeal rule' unlawful

Waking in summer
There's got to be an easier way to tour France
Tracking illegal aliens - tactics under fire in Florida
Deceptive calm lies over Poland, with 'something' in the air
Women's leader calls on Reagan not to run again
Building legacy of goodwill at an international summer camp in Virginia
How the White House views 'Debategate'
Helping children enjoy and understand museum art

Africa a la Eagleburger
The healing power of Scripture
The education debate. A vision of excellence
Vacationing with teen-agers offers opportunity to renew family bonds
Cassette recorders humming with help on investments
Is a PhD degree necessary for a small-college president?
Some whites judges in South African courts help bolster black rights
Jobless rate sinks to 10% lowest in 10 months
Wood, water, and oarsmen
Praise or criticism, debate lifts teachers

New census means 1,000 new mailboxes for Crab Orchard
No justice in hypnosis
World psychiatric meeting opens without Soviets
Protests grow over plans to dump atomic waste at sea
On glimpsing, for the only time, the end of a rainbow
N.Y. opera musicians' strike cancels shows
A roster of summer programs
Forestalling inflation with credit crimp: How far will the Fed go?
Americas pile up more French fries
The lime
The toll booth takes an exit
Signs of thaw appear in US-Soviet relations
Judge places conditions on AT&T divestiture
Reagan says he'll fire any guilty campaign aides