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Monitor Archive for June 7, 1983

Where power lies in Britain. The Mother of Parliaments, which wrested power from kings, is losing leverage to 10 Downing St., to bureaucrats and TV
In spring, Germans stalk the white asparagus
In El Salvador, being a politician means risking your life
Tables turned
Electronic typewriter workhorse isn't being put out to pasture
Why the world of art does not begin and end in New York
Wilson Foods hit by strike; two other walkouts settled
How bacteria might boost oil recovery
Love in the Rain
Mortgaged to the hilt: experts look at Uncle Sam's debt problem
Message from Moscow's missile tests
Britain's first rule of canvassing. 'Shut the garden gate ...'
Two fetching new dances from the Alvin Ailey troupe
They're banking on simplicity
Japan's junior high schoolers learn (again) of their nation's militarism
One net-rusher, one baseliner cop French titles
If Rip should return
Angola's growing rebellion
The taming of the jalapeno pepper
'Cats' gets top billing from Tony-award jury
Williamsburg: what was left out
Planning a tour of English gardens
Japanese lantern moon
3 American diplomats expelled by Nicaragua
Superpowers seem ready to give a little as nuclear arms talks resume
Where power lies in Britain
Annual Meeting
Top court upholds oil windfall tax
Nuclear-free Baltic area proposed by Andropov
Soviet leader signals support for Arafat as pro-West Saudis seek Kremlin help in Iran-Iraq war
Budget, tax cut = long, hot summer for Congress
A New York-New England phone linkup
Who's going to do the work?
Sergeant Preston as James Bond: Canada may try the spy business
Agreement on Reagan's popularity -- from both parties
UN eyes rules on chemicals and hazardous waste
Shropshire. The way England still lives in the mind's eye
Lowering their voices
Indian art: poetry in everyday objects
Scrubbing the graffiti off America: a new legal approach
Luxurious, and chaste