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Monitor Archive for June 6, 1983

Canada's bouquet to Fred Astaire
Kits for kids promote environmental education in New Jersey

N.J. market allowed open despite nearby dioxin find

Justice, guerrilla style, appears to get tougher
Children's literature: a source of hope and morality
OAU summit meeting in doubt

Another corporate rescue up for action in Congress
Of missiles and Mr. Perle
Fine writing broadens appeal of children's books
Americans watching more TV
Breaking the ranks at the bank
Bekaa Valley calm after PLO faction fighting
US homes kept cooler in winter months
The Monitor at 75
Monitoring progress in a high-velocity century
You visited Ecuador?
Unfreezing the Middle East
The Reagan paradox
An ice machine for the Eskimos
Vertical movement, sequence
Kohl reportedly won't pay for US troop relocation
5 years later: weighing the impact of California's Prop. 13
Carry me gently home
Indianapolis: a sports city in high gear beyond the 500
Harriman assesses Andropov
Help for the chronically poor
South Africa and Israel: birds out of favor flock together
Kashmir elections provoke violence
Disneyland works its magic in workaholic Japan
Unschooling -- a learn-as-you-go experiment for some
A rare visitor
From Friel and Shaw, a double bill of effective Irish plays
El Salvador: fewer murders, but death squads roam freely

A year after Lebanon invasion, Israel unsure if campaign was worth it
Summer setups, long-range aims; More teens to get a foot in the job door this summer
High-technology firm encourages childlike openness
Selection of president confirms a new direction for China
Flood damage high, but not worst ever; US pays much of relief bill
US diplomat expelled from Moscow for spying
No vacation for educators this summer
Aiding minority business: administration defends its record
One year after Israeli invasion, Lebanon is still reeling
Those political compromises
Electrical problem suspected in air crash