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Monitor Archive for June 30, 1983

Individual rights collide with states' rights in Supreme court ruling
That mild Moscow summit

What only in the living of it comes to pass
Thousands of athletes showcase talents at sports festival
When the Monitor runs an ad
Voice of the woodcock

President's disclaimers may not clear air on debate-book ethics
Murcer a link to Yankee past; Wimbledon and women; Clyde glides off to Portland
An old-fashioned Fourth
San Jose, Calif., schools going into bankruptcy
How West Germany puts war and peace into the classroom
R. Conway's vision of a road to reform in South Africa
Mr. Reagan's choice for Poland
Reagan cites basic skills skills as key to jobs
Pontiac plugs big-car gap - with Parisienne
Economic data for May support rosy '83 forecast
Nicaraguan Indians join rebels - but fight for self-rule
Relay satellite rescued and placed into orbit
Cracking down on fraud in credit cards
With push from Lockheed, Greek aerospace company spreads wings
A world observed
Steady progress is forecast for West German economy
Only glimpsed (as how often?) through a glass darkly
Private schooling wins tax victory
Dame Margot Fonteyn: still charming her audiences
Back on the farms, Poles turn to new market incentives to aid economy
Searching for top bargains in today's antiques market
Work well done
'Frontier spirit' still alive in Northwest apple orchards

Antiabortion forces may be losing steam
Measure more than spending to get Europe power balance
Vietnam legacy curbs US role in Southeast Asia
Warmhearted revival for O'Neill's only comedy;
Four taxpayers talk about spending, saving, and tax cuts
Lesson from a bridge
How to protect your credit cards against loss or theft
$200 billion arms outlay OK'd by Senate panel
New leaders breathe fresh life into South African 'black consciousness'
Attempt to ban research on genes may be ill-timed
Guitarist John Jackson: using music to communicate
Holding on to that old car: + or -?
Third-world interests called world issues at UN meeting
Edging toward action on acid rain
Saluting the woman who made British dance what it is
President of Guatemala to declare emergency
Britain weighs cost vs. military need for 'Fortress Falklands'
Nissan trucks from hills of Tennessee
Tax-cut cap defeated, but Democrats hope 'fairness' theme will be winner
Profile of Kampuchean resistance
Returns from 'Jedi': marketing a megahit
Ethics and leadership
Fewer handshakes, more work under Andropov's new protocol

Glenn joins hot debate over improving schools

When you build a better whatchamacallit
A rich but diffuse 'final' opus from Bergman
Tax cut to put $30 billion in America's pocket