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Monitor Archive for June 3, 1983

Fish, weather - staples of life on Alaska panhandle
NATO stance on missiles marred by Danish dissent
The 'our' of prayer

Ford goes on the offensive - with Tempo and Topaz

A lesson not to be forgotten
'Closeup' on the plight of US farms - and a chat with Buffalo Bill

Testing time for Andropov ex-rival
An Israeli's proposal for a Mideast peace

Elections in India's Kashmir test relations between Muslims and Hindus
Dempsey - a king in a glorious age
The weirdly colorful world of bromeliads
When the Russians were heroes
Before painting mildewed wall, a good cleaning
El Salvador's elusive peace
Why Congress treads softly on Central America policy

Madison Avenue frets over the cost of TV ads
Angolans describe human rights abuse during civil war
Factory orders roll economy forward; Inventory fall comes to a halt but experience taught firms to better control warehouse flow
Veteran journalist criticizes corporate grip on US media
Peru's Belaunde strikes uneasy alliance with Army to contain rebels
Where magic-wand makers go to find work
Over 100 A-protesters arrested in England

Carter sounds warning about declining global resources
Discovery of new particle confirmed by researchers
Polish leader avoids showdown at Communist Party meeting
GIs' remains to be flown home from Vietnam
Bagdikian book stirs censorship controversy
New ways to control pests
The slowing
To shape future democracy their way Turkish generals ban rival party
Using antifreeze in the winter to protect heating system
Natural gas: Will Congress act before the snow flies?
Cambodia: time to switch?
Re-reviving old friendships
Lebanese agents say they foiled plot to kill leaders
Williamsburg's gain is Moscow's loss: allies cannot be split apart
Car-radio pitch aids sales; refinancing can lower costs
If Greenspan is right
Factory orders roll economy forward; Inventory fall comes to a halt . . .
Arafat backers score rebel claim
Washington State leads the way in promoting Asia links
Boston's boffo hitter; Wade Boggs feasts on chicken at home, pitches at ballpark
Britain revs up anti-lead campaign
Nonnuclear arms reduction in sight?

In the US-Japanese 'car war,' why did Ford enlist an aircraft carrier?