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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1983

How tight are Marcos's reins on the Philippine press?

Altering US strategy in the Middle East
Aerodynamic T-bird is gliding on brisk sales breeze
Specter of US deficits is overplayed, economist says
Tennis suspension a Wimbledon topic; college football's 'Kickoff' game
US missile parts begin to arrive at European bases
Hopes dim for new US - USSR arms agreements
Should arms control be given to top State official?
Is volcanic dust distorting normal weather patterns?
Perishables last forever
Model shipbuilding: an ancient craft
FTC going after misleading ads for credit terms on home mortgages
Pena is first Hispanic elected mayor of Denver
Monte Carlo troupe makes merciless fun of the classics

Challenger's crew shows stunt for space rescues
One-man, one-vote rule fortified by high court

Labor pushes for 'domestic content' law; wary of union corruption bill
Solidarity in a peaceful crowd
Your influence on the world economy
From Asia, a sampling of vital and varied films

Doctors' strike in Israel brings storm in parliament
The other prisoner
Iran, Iraq edge slowly toward peace settlement in Gulf war

Poland: the irreconcilables
Jump in GNP stirs new concerns at the Fed
Nine months after Beirut massacre - no trials, no further investigation
Larry Nelson finds it is never too late to win US Open
New competitive role for Ma Bell's famous research lab
The case of Carter's briefing book
The Many Masks of modern art
World's conservative clans are gathering
Getting together on Central American peace
Queen's speech: Britain to keep to the right
2 US journalists and driver killed in Honduras attack
Reclamation bureau's delicate task: controlling the Colorado
The lesson of pigeons
Don't look back, that balanced budget amendment is gaining
Making cotton, soybeans more resistant to smog
Spain's Gonzalez: 'Our brand of socialism is different'
Mass roundup of Mafia suspects rocks Italy

Sky chart for July: watch Venus while you can; Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
A debt of recognition is paid in Boston
What life lies there
From the phone company, prize-winning research breakthroughs
Repairs: keeping up on shifting options
A look at the past season; Theater awards that cause small wars
Go ahead, bask a little
Getting used to someone else's unemployment
Al-Fatah dissidents list demands for ending revolt
Buckling up: it differs by area and type of car
Hopes dim for new US-USSR arms agreements
A Williamsburg summit, Soviet style, is planned