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Monitor Archive for June 17, 1983

Women in political office: peaks on state level; plateaus in federal arena
Flying the coop
Sumo politics: Nakasone takes his mentor to the mat
Upturn in housing market creates mood of optimism; But concern exists, too, over large federal deficits
Salvador rebels try to draw closer after deaths of top guerrilla leaders
Washington State utilities excused in A-plant loans
The town that was my town; To Valier, Montana, Population 750
Flow Blue china; Oriental porcelain adapted to British tastes
Stained glass; New form for an old art
S. Africa blacks clash with police in Soweto
Folk artist

A better way in Central America

Coating a concrete reservoir to prevent water's seepage
Insulation can be installed along with aluminum siding
Women in History
Pitching-strong Blue Jays shed image as green expansion club
Capturing the life style of those charming penguins
Andropov adds presidency to portfolio
State of the world according to Moscow
Time out for politics
Monitor writers, columnists honored
Growing 'spaghetti' among the squashes
Low wages also key; U.K. inventiveness aids rise of high-tech firms and these British companies are making some 'colorful' profits
Brief, 'discreet' meeting set up for Pope, Walesa
Push for quality in education: in Tennessee, focus is merit pay
Low wages also key; U.K. inventiveness aids rise of high-tech firms; and these British companies are making some 'colorful' profits
Soviets take a new shine to the lob
For fresher thinking
Nuclear power plant safety: progress since TMI
Whichever way you like 'em
Inkwells and inkstands; Small collectibles with wide diversity and charm
Shuttle's duty roster lists experiments from high schools, high-tech firms
Regan stretches tightrope for the Fed
'A constructive dialogue'
House seen likely to pass limit on income tax cut

Legislative boost for cable TV
Chile copper miners stage strike over leader's arrest
US Researchers still stumped over nature and scope of Soviet nuclear accident in the 1950s
Royal Doulton enters the American marketplace
Low wages also key; U.K. inventiveness aids rise of high-tech firms . . .
How one black man forced South Africa to change a race law
Satellite launch gives lift to Europe's space agency
Chicago groups try to create jobs, cut utility bills by saving energy
Family papers
Antique collecting on the upswing for quality over investment
Sausages restore a family link
Peking raps Pan Am on Taiwan
A political split widens between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon
Sprucing up your car with a used-car dealer's finesse
How to dehumidify spacious old home
Antique tools
Does the best man win?
Tilling the nation's minds
Door-to-door politicking: it's a paying job these days