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Monitor Archive for June 15, 1983

East bloc tries to keep its doves in tight cages
Water supply vs. city expansion - how Florida communities plan ahead
Shelf-serving purposes
Poland's desire to mend ties with Washington
Revival of a neglected native art: American cut glass

Does nuclear power have a future? Nuclear Inc.: The Men and Money Behind Nuclear Energy, by Mark Hertsgaard. New York: Pantheon Books. 320 pp. $15.9...
Mitterrand pleases most Corsicans, but fails to quell a violent minority
Inflation is retreating, but keep an eye on wage pressures, warn experts
The parents of Marshfield win their battle to ban video games
South Africa's divided black activists work toward a clenched-fist unity
It's on the level! This is the week of the brick
Nabokov: not what to think but how; Lectures on Don Quixote, by Vladimir Nabokov. Edited by Fredson Bowers, preface by Guy Davenport. San Diego: Har...
Costa Rican court sparks debate over free press
Strawberry shortcake -- a Danish version

US to expand campaign to stop drug smuggling
Impact of Pentagon efforts to tighten its spending practices
Indiana's young cooks prefer old-fashioned family recipes
Drugs becloud majors; strikeout pitchers
Israel weighs its Lebanon options
Mozambique rethinks Marxism, encourages private enterprise
Israel plans ad blitz to restore tourism lost after Lebanon invasion
Kremlin puts heavy thumb on dissidents and peace groups
Freezing berries
Senate blocks new rules on cable TV transmission
Ambitious cooking outdoors a must for Pierre Franey
Brown's sensible ideas on defense; Thinking About National Security: Defense and Foreign Policy in a Dangerous World, by Harold Brown. Boulder, Colo...
How mid-size growth companies outperform others
Chernenko's talk dampens rumor
Outer Banks fishing village is becoming a boomtown
States fight fraud in road contracts

Baryshnikov in a charming Twyla Tharp ballet
Where the nonaligned seek power
Father-Mother God's day
When it comes to nuclear issues, NATO could use a public relations firm
Putting US cities back on the federal agenda
Mideast wrap-up
N.Y.C. to get $108 million from US for mass transit
Greenin' o' the language
Papal visit to Poland
The White-Faced Clown
Your corner bank may have sprouted investment and trust services

Pacific commander sees fresh, strategic focus on the region
Australia's Hawke: Can he cozy up to US and still satisfy his left wing?
Two white South Africans found guilty of terrorism
High-tech tool for literati: using computers to analyze poems, prose

Before swinging, line up shots from behind ball
'Master teacher' program gets Reagan's support
US stand on sex equality in education is criticized
Soviet salesmen with a new pitch
Does modern music have a romantic streak?