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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1983

Australian state cuts drunk driving with stiff laws
Special friendships
Temple of Castor and Pollux: Rome
Japanese workers are taking more days off - well, one or two more
K.C. Jones picked to get Celtics steamin' and rollin' again
Critics say it's time to regulate those alcohol ads
Will - divine or mine?
Prisoner killed in attempt to flee Israeli prison camp
Israeli daily lists 3 plans for Lebanon withdrawal
US automaker's 'long march' for joint venture with China
Israel's ideals
Artists of the heart
US search for safe nuclear waste storage moves ahead

Well 'armed' Orioles rely on solid pitching (as usual) to grab first
The Great Barrier Reef -- a wonderland in a shallow sea

Muscles and angels
Republic Airlines prepares for strike by mechanics
Australia's Natural Wonders
Social Democrats' leader stepping down in Britain

Radio Free Europe chief quitting
Mr. Vice-President, I've got Monhegan Island on the line
Why West Germans must call their little 'Rasputin' Hans
Philippine military - a growing force in social . . . and political life
Industry fights back against campaign for 'unisex' insurance rates
Arabs struggle to patch up their disputes - so far, unsuccessfully
Jewish life in America
Public opinion and use of US military might
Political events in Britain, US fuel labor's concerns about '84

'84 US gold coins spark glint of hope for some frustrated bondholders
Reagan and Australian premier declare friendship
Controversy brews again over Canada's Starfighter planes
Anderson ponders an '84 campaign to test 'sound-alike' candidates
Do megabuck sales actually cheapen art?
Court curbs right to sue by 'whistle-blowers'
Syria factor nudges US toward quieter Mideast policy tack
South African blacks and whites seek ways around school segregation
Burger: an alternative to 'human warehouses'
Unions, dethroned
Skills for American Workers
Natural gas offers new tiger in your tank
Moscow inches closer to troop pullout from Afghanistan
New members, expanded human rights plan at Amnesty International
Most Poles hope Pope's visit will bring modest gains
How North Sea oil has refueled Britain's economy
Chinese airline grapples with a declining image