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Monitor Archive for June 13, 1983

Zimbabwe trial a sign of state-court friction
Canada's Tories, ahead in polls, pin hopes on French-speaking Mulroney
No need for another world debt crisis
Politics in the superpowers; Reagan defies the 'third-year slide'
There are those
Houston voters reject $2.35 billion rapid-rail plan
As door closes on outside income, Senate may try pay raise
Mets play managerial musical chairs - and is Weaver next?
Filling the 'Swan's' nest at Covent Garden
Offshore oil work for China raises British hopes for more trade
Fire safety rules on airliners: adequate or outdated?

In delicate fashion, Hanoi courts China through 'friends'
Gift of thanks
Maggie's new mandate
Attentiveness to detail vital for art museum director
Exiled Asians return 'home' to help Uganda rebuild
To win in the South, Democratic hopefuls may need to keep to the center
Opponents fear return of death penalty in Britain
African summit: progress at last
Art that digs deep
What some teachers did after layoffs
Zimbabwe has evidence tourists may be dead
Quality craftmanship taught in apprentices' school
Andropov, consolidating his power, braces for new test of momentum
Routing corruption
Looking for an honest machine
Why Moscow cool to latest Reagan arms control ideas
For the Chinese, enterprise is the catchword today

A penny a pig, too
The Unicorn
Arab states to hold summit, Arafat says
Pioneer treks beyond the planets for firsthand view of outer space

NAACP board strips chairman of powers
Market phase favors selective stock picker
US deficit poses hard choices for Congress, Reagan

Housing officials undaunted by uptick in mortgage rates
Is pendulum of justice swinging too far toward favoring victims of crime?
Central America: the din of battle, search for peace
Lessons from nature illuminated through art

US mayors ask Congress for road repair funds
British elections: how are they different from ours?
I Charged My Sun My Center
Mrs. Thatcher consolidates victory with cabinet changes
Europe relieved but wary about Thatcher win
Afghanistan pullout: Make Moscow pay a price
The elusive magic of a Broadway musical
Dark horse Reubin Askew?
How passengers can help prevent in-flight fires
Reagan weighs reappointment of Volcker to Fed, with eye toward GOP chances in '84

Jet engine helps produce power from natural gas - with surplus for sale
Uncles-for-hire: providing love