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Monitor Archive for May 6, 1983

First hijacked Chinese jet lands at US base in Korea
Greece and Turkey are talking -- but Cyprus is key to resolving dispute
You can 'reglaze' bathtub yourself
US-Canadian trade barriers are coming down
It's official: Argentina's war plans were half-baked
Who is responsible?
Economic recovery restores some shine to Arizona copper
David and PACs

Also of note in the USSR
Sweet Basil and other pleasantries
Nova Scotia

Panel criticizes teachers' unions
Boiled over, in suitable attire
Henry James's Rye
Tidying up laws on toxic waste: progress is slow
Repeal of withholding measure appears likely
A sense of the miraculous
Where to turn when we're afraid

Deeper sea drilling may shrink oil imports
Preservation Week, condos, and manufactured housing
Polish bishops demand an end to martial law
Music al fresco
Deficit-wary Congress cuts back on pork barrel projects
Israel may have to settle for less than it hoped for
Soviets take over from US the role of 'No. 1 Satan' in Iran
Policy pavane: one step forward and three steps back
Staying in the US?
US says it has reached Teamster fund settlement
Panel warns N.Y. A-plant of possible safety closure
London's upper lip trembles as Yankees nose into Sotheby's
Pro basketball playoffs down to four; edge goes to 76ers
The project technology passed by
Reagan says freeze measure is flawed
Paint that works with PVC pipe
Poking fun at cigarette ads to reduce their lure
Mark Twain abroad with his TV fellow travelers
The scholar and the spies
Floating a walking bridge over swamp should work
Test for El Salvador
Bonn-Moscow talks: how strong 'Ostpolitik'?
Consumer group pushes for clearer labeling of art supplies
Soviet-Iran ties worse today than they were under the pro-US Shah
'Hiking' -- by helicopter
Ruckelshaus says he'll review acid rain policy
Syria might withdraw from Lebanon -- if security ensured

Books on Transportation; The Decline and Fall of the American Automobile Industry, by Brock Yates. New York: Empire Books. Distributed by Harper & R...
Swedes to Moscow: 'Enough is enough!'
US Marine commander escapes injury in Lebanon
Who's responsible?; Keeping teens from smoking
Chrysler puts more economy in all-new New Yorker
Market factors shape a stable oil-price outlook
Congress told of cigarette ad plan aimed at youth
Revival offers goodies from the Gershwin song bag; My One and Only. Musical comedy with music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, book by Pe...
With an eye to '84, President rebuilds base

Spring bringing
Mercury Marquis: a rear-drive car with smooth American-type ride