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Monitor Archive for May 4, 1983

Spring onions are in
Adding efficiency, beauty to interior office designs

The other election in Cook County on April 12
Soviet schools: not yet in computer age
Lebanese official skeptical that pullout plan is near
Shuffled managers and fireballing Astro
PLO seeks guarantee of civilian safety
Europeans push local A-bans
Garrison Diversion: needed, or a clear case of 'pork'?

Reshape the budget. . .
Dallas County's new one-site justice center
Soviets make new move on nuclear arms negotiations
Spain's Socialist premier backs US missile plan
Reshape the budget and the budget process
Striking thought: do not watch the ball
Ongoing lessons from Vietnam; Charlie Company: What Vietnam Did to Us, by Peter Goldman and Tony Fuller (with Richard Manning, Stryker McGuire, Wall...

MCI Communications are ringing up profits -- and growth snags
Reagan told arms control may be key to MX funds
Fitzgerald from a Frenchman's view; F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography, by Andre Le Vot. Translated by William Byron. New York: Doubleday & Co. 398 pp...
MX report: the flaws in the model
Poles turn down Pope on granting amnesty
Trade department would strengthen US export policy, says Baldrige
Polish impasse: regime can crush dissent - but cannot spark support
America's Holocaust memorial

When the pressure is on
When bankers, tsk, tsk, get overextended
US corrections officials seek ways to improve local jails
Senior citizens help promote children's enthusiasm for reading
Coalinga quake forces geologists to rethink their prediction methods
Soviet offensive in Afghanistan: little concern for 'hearts and minds'
Shanghai beckoning overseas investors
Banks' money market accounts vs. mutual funds
A master takes the mystery out of doing pasta
Fine opera from Finland - plus a disappointing Caldwell revival
GOP budget plan is OK with Reagan, Baker says
Will Ethiopian rebels trade relief workers for sympathy?
Glenn Miller tune hits discordant note in East Germany
Salvadorean rebels strike rail link to eastern region

Freeze will likely pass in House, but debate has left it battered
Prize-winning Dinesen biography; Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller, by Judith Thurman. New York: St. Martin's Press. 495 pp. $19.95.
Ruckelshaus's record gets close scrutiny
It's not in Emily Post, but here's an answer to asparagus dilemma
How the government can help (or hinder) the family