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Monitor Archive for May 31, 1983

The unwilling weaponeers
American art is doing well - although no big new ideas are in sight
Palestinians behind Syrian lines fire on Israeli troops
Helping Anglo-Greek children preserve vitality of dual heritage
Boston election wide open as Mayor White bows out
British gardens
The system still works
Chicago inner-city students make helping others an adventure
'Seeing the light'
This show's history is more dramatic than its content
Angolan rebels go on offensive against Soviet-backed regime
Reagan's new defense weapons - not just a dream
An uneasy truce at NAACP
Western Canada looks to big improvements in its railroad service
Turmoil over Tennessee banks may continue
Lagging oil-service industry may rebound early next year
Global 2000 Revised: an optimistic look at world prospects
Some conclusions from new study

Kenyan leader moves to 'clean' the government with early elections
Story of two airlines that had high hopes for no-frills
Interview with two top officials; Sandinistas insist they'll hold elections in '85...

The love that heals the hurt
Long run in Boston
Conflicting reports given of Arafat assassination try
US mini-mills - big profits in small steel plants

The fine walls that separate air from water
Soviets to fill disciplinary post
Pictures on the wall
Behind Enders ouster: larger US role in Central America and 'no' to talks?

Poland's Jaruzelski likley to face party criticism
With boost from Williamsburg, Reagan looks to '84
Interview with two top officials; Sandinistas insist they'll hold elections in' 85 but it's unclear just how free any election will be
For a new focus in El Salvador
Williamsburg summit: basic accord on world economy
Cunningham: the coach who grew in Philadelphia
Cartoonist Doug Marlette is 'Kudzu'
French and British nuclear arms slowly gain the spotlight
Rewinding history to rouse thought
A 'somewhere'