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Monitor Archive for May 27, 1983

Thousands of Chinese expelled from Mongolia

Hope for the PhDs

$149 transatlantic fare wins London's approval
South Africa: the limits of dissent
'The right deals with the right despots'
The issue behind the Bekaa mutiny: should the PLO talk or fight?

Peru's protesting guards accept to return to jobs
MX and arms control?
Italy investigates official in a toxic-waste mystery
Bipartisanship yields to election mood as Congress faces tough tax-or-trim decisions
3 W. Germans missing in Nicaragua border incident
Fancy-leaf caladium brightens a garden
A new philanthropy
Planting marigold 'mules'

Turning the high-tech tables on Japanese
Great chip chase: high-tech can bolster local economies
Mr. Reagan's civil rights men
Resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism posing threats and challenges to the Arab states
When Americans eat out, they want a clean table
Nissan says high labor costs threaten its US truck plant
Red Sox have new twist in '83: pitching is key to fast getaway
Caught in Los Angeles rush hour? Hail a rickshaw!
A drama that breaks the mold of formula TV writing
Plan to coordinate New England Democratic primary dates moves slowly
Reagan states US stance on nuclear-arms issues
Going, going, gone! Condos move fast on auction block
Jordan advances women in schools and workplace
New UN push for Namibian break
Does the US really need more Soviet specialists?
Allies bring their scissors, but will US cut its deficit?
Running our own affairs
US role in Salvador questioned after killing of military adviser
Build-a-beast kits from children's museum help youngsters learn

French satellite photography may eclipse American Landsat service
Chicks 'n fudge
Computers aid restaurants -- but sometimes spoil the broth

How European bankers cover foreign loan risks
Cheer up, old roll-top
No retreat on bribery
When a good man is tempted
Quality control experts see progress in US industry, but long way to go
The Falklands are back -- as campaign issue in Britain
Shultz urges new effort to aid the third world
British vote heats up local battle in Ulster
Another way to ground house electrical system