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Monitor Archive for May 25, 1983

Mozambique, after attack, seeks talks with S. Africa
Inflation takes a jump in April, but economists call sharp rise temporary
A corner in Williamsburg
Universal life policy now feasible option
There's more to see than just Holy Land
Syria's Assad may 'go for broke' in Lebanon troop-withdrawal talks
SUBURBS; REVISING THE AMERICAN DREAM. Main Street runs into the future
Stable and progressive - but still feeling vulnerable to Israel
Why Israeli doctors face an uphill wage battle

Discovering the charms of the ancient cliff city of Petra
Buccaneer rallies for home-grown control

Maine drivers put high-tech gas station to the test
Court halts tax break in school bias case
Some thoughts about marriage

Rocky times for the phosphate industry, hit by world surplus
After 30 years as king, Hussein is a survivor
At three (months)
How American jazz infiltrated the USSR; Red and Hot: The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union 1917-1980, by S. Frederick Starr. New York: Oxford Univers...
Off the job and into the bunker
Pelican (his beak holds more than his belly-can)
Woman leads assault on US debt
Lighter racket may be way to add pace to your shots
FAA would resume full flight schedule; but caution is urged
Afghan guerrilla leader agrees to period of truce
A one-man parade of Wodehouse wit; Jeeves Takes Charge. Conceived and adapted by Edward Duke from the writings of P.G. Wodehouse. Starring Mr. Duke....
Free market, with conversation
New task for southwest water planners: handling a surplus
Today's chefs have status as well as a secure future
'Idle capital' comes out of the mattress as banking sector develops
How a country sans oil reserves can still rake in petrodollars
'Neutral' Costa Rica -- quiet launch pad for Nicaraguan rebel raids
Noble names for berry desserts
Could Beirut become America's Belfast?
Unrest in Sudan leads to decentralizing plan
University reform debated as French students march
Toronto's pitching ace; rookies of note
Reagan seeks to upgrade the 'hot line' to Moscow
Let merchants, too, sell in farmers' markets

Tax bait in India starts takeover war
Gulf ties have brought wealth but restrict King on peace pla
Air Force to loft low-cost probe to study northern lights
Refreshing summertime drink
Leadership battle raises questions about new role for NAACP in '80s
Japan tries to put on the best face for the 'Big 7' summit
Hussein's central role in Reagan Mideast plan
New bill would stop torture in Spain's jails

India: the 'greening' of a bad drought
A progress report on six fine American orchestras
Summit issue: can US force foreign firms to join US trade sanctions?
Looking ahead to easygoing elegance for fall fashions

Thirsty land or thirsty people: choices on water
The oil reserve - for whom?

Author Gerzon sees fresh images of heroism improving families, jobs
Budget casts shadow over summit
'The year of Marilyn' on the streets of Paris
Three Mile Island staff falsified data, NRC says
Goodbye to QWERTY - new typing keyboard is faster
When ivy meets wall