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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1983

End to Polish martial law not seen, official says

Corporate world responds to increasing day-care needs
Social change prompts call for new look at recreation
An international tribute to our favorite stuffed animals: teddy bears

US to spur retraining; SOS for the displaced worker
Bench interlude
Progress -- the goal of repeating; Staying Back, by Janice Hale Hobby and others. Gainesville, Fla.: Triad Publishing Company. 93 pp. $10.95 cloth;...
Many churches criticize US policy on El Salvador

Passing the budget: Senate, House, and now . . . ?
Hard times benefit truck-trailer 'piggyback'
Earth's oldest minerals found in Australia

Transatlantic salute; Britain is bustin' out all over -- in New York
Teacher duet plus librarian relate science and values
Dogfight starts over Atlantic as People Express sells $149 London flight
The faces of meaning
Radio's 'Prairie Home': city slickers like it, too

Huge computer show: a main event for the industry, and the economy
Of political comebacks and -- Gerald Ford?

Today's budgetmaking bows to tomorrow's election
Ulster youths clash with police, troops
Italian peace movement facing an uphill march to block missile sites
Key to debt problem: bigger export markets for developing nations
Repentant Polish professor gains grace from ex-student
South Africa warns neighbors after blast
New step for Irish peace

Slipping across US-Canada border can be a snap
Higher gifts & hire education
NAACP director is suspended
How can US and Japan compete -- and still play fair?
Odd coalition opposes bill to reform PACs
The politics of sports
Williamsburg outlook: US view likely to prevail
Cooperative ed students give themselves a 'grant-in-aid'
Inside 20th-century music
Israeli doctors stage unprecedented walkout
A fund-raising memo for 1984
El Salvador may need US troops, senator says
Left, right battle within Canada's Conservatives
Harassed youths dissent quietly in an uneasy Poland
Promising summer programs for students
'Lesson from a 5/16-inch ball bearing'
Rod Carew, man with the blazing bat, is in the groove again
Habib faces harder stance by Syria over Lebanon
Is it a time to prospect for profits in metals stocks?