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Monitor Archive for May 19, 1983

A former summit planner scans Williamsburg prospects
Stolar's saga: an American in Russia who can't go home
African states try new tactics for Namibia independence.

Judging the law: court is not a security blanket
Mayoral votes spur momentum; New political promise for US blacks
Williamsburg summit
A new Moscow missile?
Polish-Soviet strains: time for Jaruzelski to take a stand for reform?
Tolerating joblessness
Foreign policy: Reagan's tally
NATO arms cooperation in doubt
Setting the future to music
Physics: unity in nature is still only fond theory
Chicago's battle for power -- an insider's analysis
Drexler headed for the pros; French tennis serves up two questions
A fun ride into the world of science and computers
Experience, defense key factors in Islanders' Stanley Cup sweep

Longtime Denver mayor ousted
Nicaragua detains 3 boats, 7 Americans
Louisville Slugger: a ballplayer's best friend
Math and science education: 'Glue Not Included'

House holds ex-official of EPA in contempt
Sicilian spring
Refuge in God
NRC boosts its enforcement of nuclear industry rules
President and productivity
The many mask of modern art

The 'Jedi' return; A dazzling climax in ongoing 'Star Wars' galactic series
State of emergency declared in Sri Lanka
Supplier of 'Hitler diaries' may have forged them
In centralized USSR, top men ponder little things
To US allies, Volcker symbolizes fight against inflation
San Francisco footrace: a competition of costumes
Carefully selected options make a car feel customized
Syrian government says it won't receive Habib
Mexico will bounce back from chaos, US investors say
Zimbabwe calmer as violence drops off and parties enter 'unity talks'
Brokerage says inflation may be under control for years
Andropov asked to make Afghan peace gesture
President holds a firm line with Congress on budget
Philadelphia story
Emma Bailey: reflections on life as America's first woman auctioneer
Goode tops Rizzo in Philadelphia primary, sets out to unite Democrats
Anti-Arab vigilantism by Jews on West Bank stirs controversy in Israel
Restoring and adapting old homes for modern-day use

Pope may meet Walesa during visit to Poland