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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1983

Good landscaping raises the value -- and speeds the sale -- of a home
'Farewell, Archie Bunker'
Democratic front-runners back labor's call for restrictive US trade policy
Reagan strategy: too rigid?

Kip Tiernan: providing love, support to the homeless
Reagan, foreign policy, and '84 election

When Chinese ride a Korean roller coaster
Getting at the corrosion of conscience in the lab
US consulate in Beirut opens its door again
Kremlin sees threat in uncensored videocassettes
Soviets say Sakharov can't leave country
Free-speech bulwark is 75 years young
Soviets may have violated SALT II, Pentagon says
In wake of alien submarines, Swedes boost defense plans
Afrikaners take bite out of Botha's power base and 'reform' plan

Vietnam's 'pullout' from Kampuchea draws less skepticism than usual
Small Connecticut city isn't waiting for Congress to attack urban blight

Canada finds one-fifth of its landmass is an energy source
No newts is good newts
Enterprise-zone bills in Congress
New hair styles and makeup for spring and summer months
Can EPA regain its scientific credibility?
To renew US industry
As attacks on EPA cool, Interior Department gets the heat
Stanley Cup final a study in contrasts; Explosive Oilers, stingy Islanders clash for hockey's top prize
Colleen Dewhurst; America's 'Mother Courage' now leaves them laughing
Interstate banking -- a colonial debate heats up again
Why Tanzania tops the list of African literacy
Mitterrand economic plan based on outdated view, say US experts
Bradbury's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'; Turning a good book into a good film is a tricky business
Football Breakers and not-so-funny bounces; Hu Na at tennis academy
For love of Zelah
The many masks of modern art
Council delays decision on homosexual church
Many plan to cast 'white' ballots as Italy elects 44th postwar government
Political musings
May blows its horn
Toad escort service makes inroads in West Europe


Small business is bullish about prospect for profits
Thatcher, on election trail, cancels Reagan meeting
Reform-minded Chicago mayor finds the going tough in City Council
Log homes have become more available, accepted
Citizen lawsuits weigh down already burdened city halls
House panel backs a plan for extra Salvadorean aid

Our natural love for the truth
Literacy -- the third world's beacon of hope

Pentagon is said to have a new unit for spying

Shultz back home to brief Reagan on pullout pact
Coalinga quake shakes dust off readiness plans