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Monitor Archive for April 4, 1983

Economist Nakagama sees some tough calls in April

Thai soldiers repel Viet troops in Kampuchea
How a rural law firm benefits from big-city advice
Europe, US antinuclear protests
Top scientist defends Reagan 'space wars' strategy
Genuine contentment
Kudos to Kaunda
Certainty grows that Reagan will run again in '84
All my days
Every day is moving day
Purchasing orders up to 1977 level, survey finds
Baseball's opening day - 'brief moment of pure hope'
Two Arabs leaders struggle for accord on Reagan peace plan
New spears of China playwrights and the hidden sword of its rulers
Rearming Japan
Those grounded F-16s
Message from a Wall Street gusher
Denver spill forces 5,000 to evacuate
Parents and children join the computer age together
N.C. State cast in 'Rocky' role vs. No. 1 Houston for NCAA title
Congress grows edgy over US aid to Nicaraguan rebels

Students in bilingual grade school get basics twice
New York commuter strikes near end
A President above suspicion
LOGO: a simple computer language designed just for children
Brzezinski on foreign policy and the '84 race
Superpower polemic eclipses Easter's antinuclear protests
Duke University continuing goal: good race relations
Is US making headway against drunk drivers?
Teamster chief's conviction may affect labor laws
Gulf states to hold talks on huge oil spill
Glemp avoids criticizing Polish government
Mexican austerity jars a once-elegant and promising land
Britain's Wayne Sleep and the Dash troupe
Thailand's reigning politician does not want to be elected
Why Syria's door stays open to the US

Rearming Japan
Budget cuts take the gloss off corporate annual reports

Forsythia forsaken, forsooth
Playing 'The Most Dangerous Game': NPR's report on nuclear arms
A narrow scrape

GAO finds problems in juvenile detention
Tax evasion costs US $87 billion a year
Democracy a la Mitterrand: equality in elite schooling