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Monitor Archive for April 29, 1983

US aircraft carrier runs aground off San Francisco
Zimbabwe weighs meaning of treason trial acquittals
In Gramercy Park
Spain's civilians harder on plotters than the military
Helping seedlings cope with planting
Car interiors go high-tech
Is democracy really taking root in El Salvador?
Soviets in Syria: little seen, unpopular . . . but influential
Tanks for the Saudis - a vital US deal
French students, doctors, farmers taka to the streets
Men like Arthur and Mortimer

Ask The Gardeners
Slow start, feeble recovery? Clues for '83 say otherwise
Zoning issue splits Houston
Schultz raises hope in Lebanon
'Architecture in pursuit of extremism'
Via satellite and cable, legalized gambling comes closer to home

If Ray Bradbury had written 'Planet of the Apes' . . .

How to boost US productivity? Take close look at product design
FCC action OKs doubling of data-link satellites
European experts see strong future for nuclear power

Drive for higher-mileage cars goes on unabated
Beyond the upturn: many calling for stern measures
Jockeying for compromise on Central America
Party chiefs unveil their strategies for '84 campaign
Attles ends 'Golden' coaching career; Akeem's basketball future hot topic
Sakharov may be ready to emigrate to Austria
Peacefully yours
GM styling boss points to trends
Former intelligence expert indicted in secrets sale
Big-bang theories
'Aero' look edges out boxy, look-alike cars?
Reagan and Central America
Third world goes on arms-buying spree
The event that didn't happen
Moscow's minisubs may prowl beyond Scandinavia
Here's auto-care checklist
Israel in Lebanon: digging in for a long stay?
British Columbia hopefuls miss issues
A change of vocabulary
Charge of the turbochargers
Poorly cleaning windshield wipers a frequent complaint
President's Central America speech: a political dud?
House Republicans back President on tax issues
You get better care dealing directly with a mechanic
Useful guidelines amid the hassle over strategy
2nd space relay satellite in rocket trouble, US says
Where's Chernenko? Soviet mystery lifts
Coca-Cola follows rivals into caffeine-free market