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Monitor Archive for April 28, 1983

New calculator a thin wedge in Japanese sales race
'Good news' is slighted, Reagan tells publishers
White House is rewriting handicapped-infant rule
Next stage in El Salvador debate
BankAmerica pulls out stops in bid to take over Seafirst
Protesting students clash with French policemen
Once more into the breach
Egypt shows confidence in Shultz as it searches for its own peace role
New Oriole manager one-up on Earl Weaver as team gets off to rare good start
Alaska bill: a referendum on sport hunting in the US?
Making older power plants last 20 years longer
High-flying Japan's two big problems
Mozambique tones down Marxist rhetoric, turns 'practical' on economy
Thai premier reconsiders his decision to resign
Relatively 'cool' A-waste proves to be hot potato
'Spring cleaning'
Inventing duo found fame, still seeking their fortune

More turmoil in Sweden over Soviet submarines
Mazda has a hot seller in the all-new 626
Not for the birds
Using solar energy to air-condition your home
Nightwalkers in the city surf
Hollywood's 'conscience' gets stars to think politically
Western alliance squabbles quietly over trade disputes, export credits
You remember Simpson-Mazzoli, don't you? Don't you?
America's views on US military
A small-scale, jokey dance from the Royal Ballet's Frederick Ashton
Costa Rican boats rescue ship carrying explosives
Technology's dinosaurs glow in museum of railroading
The many masks of modern art
Why Washington frets over deficits and trade despite 1,200 Dow

Canada red-faced over government-owned planemaker
Wales: nation of poets and blue butterflies -- perhaps
A head start for Mrs. Feinstein
Exhibition offers a variety of new home-furnishings ideas
May Skychart; Northern Hemisphere gazers guide
'Angelo My Love' is brilliant, compassionate; It all started when Robert Duvall spotted a gypsy boy . . .
Houston Grand Opera's 'Show Boat' joins the Broadway revival boom
The man with a Mideast veto
Seeking cause of condor's decline
Cadillac may build car to challenge costly Mercedes

Welcome, strangers
Quarterback John Elway balks at draft selection by Colts

When covert action is successful
Harry Truman; A not-so-great haberdasher; a 'near great' President
A look at the delicate art of mixing humor and politics
Debaters who play hardball
Why Washington frets over deficits and trade despite 1,200 Dow
German Catholic bishops join peace chorus

Israelis draw fire as they try to advance in Lebanon
Report card