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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1983

Air bag lurks in background as automakers await high court ruling
Car-care TV series in a second season
Tokyo finds political leverage with Moscow essential to settle issues
Hispanic Americans muster political clout in Washington
Japan sails ahead toward fleet of wind-powered ships
Poland suspends artists' union
How long, how strong the US recovery: a roundup of opinion
Nuclear power and the Supreme Court
France eyes wider defense role
She said no to computers
How business tunes into living trends to sell products
Israelis and Syrians sound more warlike
Ban these bullets
A rhetorical launch for presidency
New US group to review USSR A-treaty compliance
Segregation in cities still rampant, charges citizens' commission
Preserving America's classic apple trees in dwarf form
Tracy Austin shows signs of return to top form in early 1983 matches
Building boom reshapes Ottawa

Satisfied sounds
States' rights and the atom
Reagan's foreign policy troubles build
Regional theater
How to get in touch with shingle bureau
Britain seen from one place
Some positive steps against negative campaign tactics
Democrats' convention to be in San Francisco
Don't throw recycling on the trash heap
Glenn's task for '84: building -- but not resting -- on folk hero status
'Economy' planet flights: NASA saves missions by saving money
High time for talk
Prudently pruning the arbor familias
Some California thrifts are becoming banks -- at least in name
Audi blends 4-wheel drive, high performance in 'baby Quattro'
Stemming flow of high-tech to East

Westward ho! East bloc sinks billions into free market
The mind has need
US firms chafe under federal curbs on high-tech exports

What if the nuclear club is enlarged?
New push for return to the moon
Special Interest tours
Lacrosse, anyone?
Changeless treasures

Bouquets in a basket -- with living flowers
You too can play big-league ball -- for a mere $2,295
Michigan villagers leave for waste-site cleanup
Thomas Register lists modular-home builders
Garden unit offers dwarfs
GM-Toyota linkup poses an antitrust cliffhanger
Simple ditch digger cuts drainage costs
Walter Cronkite retired? He's all over the tube
Presser elected cheif of Teamsters union
Grim drama is 1983 winner of Pulitzer Prize; 'night, Mother Drama by Marsha Norman. Directed by Tom Moore.
El Salvador guerrilla chief reportedly a suicide victim