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Monitor Archive for April 19, 1983

Anti-waste panel fires second salvo
Training firms help executives surmount 'computerphobia'
'Medea' is grim but offers classic acting, unforgettable viewing
Where 80 percent of UN resources go

Garvey's return, two near no-hitters highlight week
Will statewide banking come to Pelican State?
Consumer interest rates to ease off - but just a bit
America's Resource State; Will promises of a 'dream state' be fulfilled?
Awaiting a call from Mars: NASA hopes Viking 1 will 'phone home' May 5
Grace, ex gratia
Lupe Anguiano: Helping women help themselves off the welfare roles
Launching enterprise 'starships'
Oil, steel bring US plants up to 69.4% of capacity
Bayou State parties every week; tourists invited
Oil price slump may have ended
Good gifts to our children

Hawke wins business and union backing at economic summit
Changes in US import patterns throw super oil port for a LOOP
Environmental woes: clearing muddy waters
Petrochemicals: the first signs of a shift 'downstream'
Fallout from Beirut bombing
Boston victors: Meyer, Benoit
Letting the big tankers compete
UNESCO's latest 'order' for world news leaves old-order press cold

Antigua; The rates have just dropped 30 to 40 percent on this easily accessible island
Down the hall
Credit rates on Western goods spur another showdown in US-EC corral
Tobago; Prosperity has changed it, but this island is still enchanting
How to expose and shrink the 'underground economy'
How does a high-tech garden grow?
Proponents of gas decontrol say the time is right
Hollings calls for discipline, sacrifice
To build a better airliner
Coal-fired locomotive comes back down the track

City on a hill: Israel dedicates settlement overlooking Arabs
Canadian producers try to M*A*S*H US competition

Mkhize's message
High-tech gear is now bedside in some hotels
Strong dollar jars French hopes of cutting trade deficit
50 million bottles a year because some like it hot
Soviets offer Chinese a pact barring A-arms use
Even a brilliant critic shouldn't try to tell an artist how to paint
Offshore oil firms eager for Uncle Sam's big auction
A valuable resource does vanishing act
Walesa detained again by Polish policemen
A Thai coalition indicated in early election results
Increased housing starts brighten Northwest employment picture
The uses of bipartisanship
French ties with PLO stem terrorist attacks but embarrass government
Heading off bad space policies
N.Y. commuter trains rolling after costly strike
Ports consider deepening the river channel
And now for a taste of the local culture . . .
Men organizing to help police, women fight rape
Beirut lesson?
US overtakes Soviets in arms sales to third world
Black unions thrive despite S. Africa's economic slump
Running boom keeps steady pace
Nation with the fastest growing population tries to alter parent attitudes
For Democrats, '84 field is set, but all else is uncertain

Farmer's crusade
Bills and gratitude
Supreme Court to decide on civic Yule trimmings