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Monitor Archive for April 11, 1983

Spring is winning
France's Delors: former union official advocates economic austerity
Two new cities embody Saudi bid for industrial power
Shooting down the ABM Treaty
Four southern California sites are in running to house Nixon archives
The Sea and Me
A fountainhead of good theater -- in bluegrass country
Some gold analysts see the glint of a new bull market in bullion
Love of silence
No debate on forensics value
Insights into US economic growth
Democrats' 1984 targets: jobs, Pentagon, Reagan himself
Pro basketball's 'landmark' decision and what it means
Some gold analysts see the glint of a new bull market in bullion
Sartawi assassination seen as warning to Arafat, PLO moderates
Debate at Quaker college fosters moral awareness
Some gold analysts see the glint of a new bull market in bullion
Thailand gets US arms to shore up tense border
Prices slump for Colorado condos
Venezuela raises sone oil-product prices
Past STS achievements
Shining the Senate
Truck stop?
Thatcher move arouses speculation on election
Mexico begins to bridge policy gap with US on Salvador, other issues
The paddlers of spring
Inside 20th-century music
Battling bias against girls; India girls are neglected
British farmers, ecologists sowing accord
US antitank weapon copes poorly report says
Challenger's success conceals complexity of US shuttle program
Chicago voter turnout: big factor
New England Olympics
Looking out

Battling bias against girls; China: female infanticide
The hard-liners vs. the negotiators: advisers compete for Reagan's ear
King Hussein declines role in US peace plan

On Congress's front burner: easing natural gas prices

Twin Lakes High lure: debating
Beyond tariffs
Battling bias against girls; The preference for sons; It's an old prejudice -- with deep social roots

South begins cleanup after massive flooding
West Germany may look into Soviet spying
Remember Prop. 13? These taxpayers do
For Reagan, it's uphill on the Hill
Nicaragua -- where there's fighting once again
'Children of light'
European reflections on Reagan's 'star wars' defense. Allies see strategic flaws in US laser defense plan, complain of no consultations
MX commission study
Arms control and UN principles
Some helpful suggestions for beating the rush on summer jobs
Bonjour 'tongue troopers,' au revoir apostrophe
At last! A better press conference
US reportedly plans to set up Honduras camp
Papier-mache sculpture: bringing back the dinosaurs
The moment seized