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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1983

Vines to soften those bare lines
Black presidential bid aims at influencing Democratic choice
Monitor music critic wins award
Vietnam hits Kampucheans anew
Conscience and the taxpayer
More money for truckers goes to fringes, not pay
East Germans put Bismarck back on historical pedestal

Plants like springtime care

The brown thrasher (For CWE)
Two top powers and two Cinderella teams battle for NCAA title
Planet Earth's people
A California condor pecks open its shell in captivity
Lush drama set in Laos -- plus black unions in S. Africa
Tip O'Neill is not only US legislator in China this week
Controlling cluster flies can be extremely difficult
Key British defense sites blockaded by protesters
Racial tension and prayer

Gas pumps ring up extra nickels as federal tax begins
The true leader
Planning a garden? Ideal conditions aren't all that important
Chile's economic woes encourage political opposition to Pinochet
Polish leaders struggle to overcome vast worker apathy

Synfuels industry still banking on a future oil crunch
L.A. speech: a pragmatic Reagan
Where rock music, computers meet
Raised beds outperform rows at harvesttime

Kremlin leaders should think twice

How US policies could invite Cuban confrontation

Britain edges along OPEC oil tightrope to avoid price tumble
Feeding the leaves is a helpful step
Three Soviets expelled by Britian as spies
On 2,000 francs, it would be hard to fly the French coop
South Africa calls for vote on dropping racial policy
Western Europe takes account of Reagan's addition to 'zero option'
Apartment add-ons to homes pose problems
Nicaragua breaks rebel challenge -- at least for the moment
Salvadorean rebels claim crack Army unit overcome
Using a computer to put your peas in queues
Teamsters head gets maximum term in bribe
Arafat arrives in Jordan for talks with Hussein
'82 slump means diminishing returns at tax-preparer firms
Jailed US reporter: Congress should encourage Salvador to respect press
US-Mexico ties warmer -- except on El Salvador
Squeezing syrup from sap with high-tech help

Banquet on wheels

Economy poised to slowly put America back to work
Solidarity says it won't use papal visit for protest
Easter in Spain isn't what it used to be
Moisture entering chimney or flue must be stopped