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Monitor Archive for March 9, 1983

Spring fashions for working women

Carter meets PLO members in Egypt
Mahre king of the mountain again
Troop shifts may signal offensive in Afghanistan
CIA beefs up operations in countries vital to US
Questions about the FBI's new guidelines
Other side of freeze debate: 'Peace Through Strength'
British pound at new low under oil price cloud
Turning toward the light
Money funds that offer insurance: doubtful need and lower yield
The blimp floats back into favor
Where have all the divas gone?; The Last Prima Donnas, by Lanfranco Rasponi. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 635 pp.
Sun Valley: skating under the stars, scones with honey butter

IBM upgrades its Personal Computer
Thirties theater: more shows than ever seen before or since; Uncle Sam Presents: A Memoir of the Federal Theater, 1935-1939, by Tony Buttitta and Ba...
One school that's long shown the way in science teaching
Don't just spend -- give
A 'call to action' to sharpen local weather forecasting
Bernstein -- readable and candid; Findings, Leonard Bernstein. New York: Simon & Schuster. 375 pp. $17.95.
Entertaining with warm winter soups
A watercolor dialogue
Lebanese central authority growing . . . but with costs
Easing tax on home sale
Sea oats
It's little things that count in China, like free color TVs

South African blacks: how can they get ahead when their schools are bad?
Congress and children
Some ski areas prepared to grapple with weather
Zimbabwe ends sweep of Bulawayo townships
An unseasonably warm winter
Hawke at the helm
A musical to boost Broadway's sagging morale
Poland's puzzle: consolidate or conciliate?
Newly elected Labor Party devalues Australian dollar
Plans to aid math, science education bubble in Congress

No bit nor bridle
Hope, dispair at women's peace rally

US companies join forces to promote black progress in S. African subsidiaries
A touch of capitalism leaves Vietnam's communists in a quandary
Beverly Sills talks about the trials of running N.Y. City Opera. Also, a dazzling account of Schonberg's 'Erwartung'
Four more Missouri sites reported with dioxin
Dropping oil prices: who wins, who loses in world economies
Softheaded hardline
Hot chocolate: warming to make, pleasing to drink
Volcker urges US tax on oil as prices drop
The great political divide in Canada: Will it be bridged by a Quebecker?
Soviet might -- another view
Jamaica pushes export hopes with vegetables for US

To cover OPEC: wear shinguards, football helmet
More aid for El Salvador looks likely -- with strings attached
Meticulous research shows Pavlova still an enigma;
Strauss may compromise on foreign minister post