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Monitor Archive for March 8, 1983

Democrats look to youth to spark '84 campaign

Kirkland makes strong bid for immigration reform
Mr. Kohl and arms
Gandhi issues appeals to Iran, Iraq, US, USSR
Environmentalists doubt US resolve to complete Great Lakes cleanup
The question
Bucking shift to Continent, IBM ups Scottish operation
The paradigm of flight
Iran opposes oil-price cut; OPEC meeting postponed
The apocalyptic chariot race
Human rights take center stage at year-long symposium
Boston fights racism with the tools of academia
USSR warns W. Germany not to deploy US missiles

Change is stirring in Jamaica, but its pace finds the jobless skeptical
Why Egyptian-Palestinian relations are -- once again -- on the skids
Are we Assam?
'Education tax' was only one of many Romanian human-rights abuses

Japanese workers struggle to control the robot revolution
Some lingering clouds on economic horizon
Dodgers find replacement parts in farm system
How oil price drop would restore Europe's economy
Zimbabwe crackdown forcing opposition underground
Franc under fire; French voters berate Socialists
Scriptural grandeur, engraved
Why the Russians can fish in southern Africa's troubled waters
In San Francisco, people telephone for groceries with a timed delivery
Mr. Reagan has a Salvadorean problem
Saving farmers from surpluses -- and debts
A tricky question; Progress in art - or, is Klee as good as Michelangelo?
Work-rule fight derails commuters
Pope denounces torture during Guatemala mass
After years of making waves, Iceland settles into NATO role
An oil import tax makes sense
Low-cost vacations in the French countryside
National Geographic: 'Save the Panda'
Diana Vreeland: bringing elegance to American fashion
Women executives give tips on progressing in the professional world
Highlights of a Baltic cruise
Court decides two press cases
Kohl's win -- and challenge; The Greening of West Germany
Oil industry sees good year in '83, despite OPEC's pricing turmoil
Will 'seven sheikhs' replace 'seven sisters'?
'Liberation theology' pits priests against the Pope

The desegregation business, 1983
Why Kohl win doesn't let US off arms-control hook
Egyptian-Soviet ties grow warmer

Third-party financing adds some luster to solar industry