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Monitor Archive for March 31, 1983

Reagan arms plan: many blanks to fill
Innocence abroad
Pete Rose still puts team first heading into 21st season
Nostalgia trip in a VW beetle - that still zips along
Polish leaders explain austerity plan to workers
Silent before stones
EC hits US on farm trade, but official sees no 'war'
Oregon economy registers a couple of bright spots
Staging children's plays with paper bags as props
Platform for personal expression; South Africa's blacks turning to the stage
Soviet sea power in the Mediterranean: up anchor?

The nature of the beast
An unsettling choice for Soviets' communist bloc: how much capitalist help?

US seen likely to grant asylum to Chinese athlete
Mrs. Gandhi visits strife-torn state
How the military is helping fight Sudan's economic woes
Free speech on the campus and in print
Delightful leap across the generation gap
Pontiac rolls out delightful version of a European touring sedan
Babies on the fast track
Muddy visit to NATO's cruise site
Bank of New York charts aggressive policy for growth
Goodbye coins, hello dollies: doll collecting takes off in US
A wary US mutes publicity for coming economic summit.
'The weapons of our warfare'
Women widen their share of engineer and science jobs

Toxic waste disposal industry devising alternatives to landfills
Engaging comic romance explores world of privileged America; The Middle Ages. Comedy by A. R. Gurney Jr. Directed by David Trainer.
Is US undermining the Moroccan monarchy?
The diary of Samuel Pepys
What's behind Reagan recovery in the polls
Tip O'Neill notes slip in United States-China ties
Zimbabwe denies bishops' charges of Army reign of terror
Career opportunities; Asian-American women: expanding roles in the work force

A new Geneva gambit

Campaign contribution by tax checkoff; Does it make elections cleaner?
Canada, flush with hydropower, seeking new markets
Deadlock over Lebanon remains, Israelis say
And what would you do?
NIT has own personality; Navratilova in the 'zone'; baseball openers set
US losing particle physics lead to Europe and Japan
The power of innocence
Britain weighs small cut in price of North Sea oil
UN Security Council likely to be drawn into Namibian debate
Free speech on the campus . . .
Natural gas industry in limbo

A new breed of gentle films is taking over
Dealing individually with the nuclear threat
Young videotape medium draws new talent
How pollution swells world oceans
Southern textile-mill blues: the refrain bemoans a tide of imports
El Salvador frees US journalist