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Monitor Archive for March 30, 1983

Recent nonfiction briefly noted . . .; The Jews who avoided Nazi detection The Last Jews in Berlin, by Leonard Gross. New York: Simon & Schuster. 34...
French flock forth to beat limit on vacation spending
International soloists and notable American names
Recent nonfiction briefly noted . . .; A Swiss national treasure revisited The Plan of St. Gall: In Brief, by Lorna Price. Berkeley, Calif.: Univers...
Cheaper fuel, signs of recovery don't mean more travel
Recent nonfiction briefly noted . . .; Call to action against waste hazards Hazardous Waste in America, by Samuel S. Epstein, Lester O. Brown, and C...
The FBI's switch
US to go through courts on Atlantic oil leases
Samurai among the sheikhs

Neil Simon's quirky, funny new comedy recalls his youth; Brighton Beach Memoirs Comedy by Neil Simon. Directed by Gene Saks.
Kingdom keeps finding more oil than it pumps from the ground
Sweet spicy rolls for Easter brunch
What's ahead for US oil industry: a leaner, but more efficient operation
Practical steps for clear business writing
Companies find job-sharing can be a two-way benefit
Recent nonfiction briefly noted . . .; Balanced bio of a faded musical legend Paderewski, by Adam Zamoyski. New York: Atheneum. 290 pp. $19.95.
Gulf council is turning six states into a giant Arab commonwealth
Date surplus is focal point of Saudi agricultural research
Democrats take up 'me-too' role, says GOP economist
University outside Riyadh looks to world ranking
Le Carre's newest spy is a woman; The Little Drummer Girl, by John le Carre. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 448 pp.
Mexican middle class gives up haute cuisine for corn fritters and cajeta
Elegant stuffed eggs for Easter brunches
Recent nonfiction briefly noted . . .; A literary snapshot of Alfred Stieglitz Stieglitz: A Memoir/Biography, by Sue Davidson Lowe. New York: Farrar...
Back to the energy drawing board
Juffali & Brothers mirrors growth of Saudi economy
Tardiness at TMI
Fateful ironies in these watershed times
Keeping out of Nicaragua

Mexico struggles to make austerity a virtue
Snags in shuttle schedule blamed on tight budget
Tracking faces
Giants must fill holes to match '82 effort
On the path to becoming industrial: building the plants from scratch
Jordan doubts US resolve on Reagan plan
Sugaring off, a rite of spring, gives new ideas to the cook
Helping, not firing, executives who may have rough edges

Ideal kitchens offer space, multifunctional uses
Hondurans renew firing on border, Nicaragua says
Roping in the newly 'liberated' airwaves in France
Kingdom has strategic role in economic future of US
Andropov's Afghan opportunity

Banner year for US skiers despite Koch's late skid
How an Ohio plant pairs off more than 50 people
Soviets prepared for a long fight in Afghanistan
$110,000 buys a lot of ecstasy
Britian to allow 31 Poles from ship to stay awhile
Reagan woos West Europe on arms control
Recriminations of a fellow traveler; After Long Silence, by Michael Straight. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. 351 pp. $ 17.50.
Sistine Chapel
Kaunda lugs Zambia's debt problem to US
Israel warns of retaliation if troops are attacked
Reagan: US might give USSR on ABM system
Charting shifts of sand a vital tool to protect projects from dunes
France may supply Pakistani A-plant
Joint ownership isn't best for everything
Wheat could be 100% home-grown next year as the desert blossoms
A Saudi business leader assesses the economic climate of his country
Ethiopian food aid goes for arms, ex-official says
A step up from pumping oil to turning out chemicals
The great American cowboy: his life wasn't as romantic as it sounds
Conservatives and plants in West German parliament
Saudi Arabia; From nomadic tribes to world influence: the rise of Saudi Arabia
That's what I call a first-class encounter
Nuclear holocaust: it's not inevitable
Mopping up the US milk glut: farmers, bureaucrats seek solution
Banks expect their profit flow to ease up as nation's oil income slips