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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1983

Fund raising, more responsibility to volunteers: support help for the arts
Power companies face murky future as public units lay claim to dams
Begin won't call elections despite loss in parliament
Experts assess future of beach-front life style
Central America wrap-up
If last July wasn't hot enough for you, read this
NATO defense ministers welcome new US flexibility on interim arms deal
A guide to creeping capitalism in the East bloc
Bold move by Civil Rights Commission may get results from White House
'83 Pontiac J-car offers more pep
If bullpen develops, there may be no holding these Tigers

Friction in the Middle East
A scientific call to better control US chemicals
US bids for World Cup soccer; English a dazzling Nugget; NCAA basketball
Waltham: cradle of our other revolution
The new Chrysler to be the first out with mini-van
The Modern Jazz Quartet; The return of a class act
Coalition partners reach Bonn accord
Questionable forecast
700 MX-missile protestors arrested at Air Force base
Merce Cunningham makes you see dance as if for the first time
California's stormy winter: the damage, the lessons
High-quality Swiss textiles are gobbled up by designers
The many masks of modern art

Is US feigning interest in China ties?
Pentagon plans to renew sale of arms to Israel
Campus contest -- conservatives vs. Nader groups
Goodbye, jeep, hello, Hummer
The massive size of PIK sign-up: a barometer of US farm troubles?
West Europe's peace groups attack 'interim' solution

Slow and gentle rain
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Kissinger's second thoughts
Violinist Itzhak Perlman
U.S. Inflation turns flat as cost of energy eases
An amateur orchestra puts together a luminous Ninth
Why beaches were hit so hard this year

BMW's flagship car now tells you when it needs to be serviced
Storm over withholding still rumbling
Consumer group criticizes Congress on its voting
The Salvador 'domino' debate: why Congress hesitates on more aid
Why Hussein wants Saudi backing
Pragmatism, austerity are the big winners in French Cabinet shuffle
Perfection now
High schools and colleges: a wasteful duplication
Ex-Olympian reflects on his 1932 triumph in Los Angeles
Pope's trip to Poland will not include Gdansk
Reagan's political rescue attempt
National cable news show geared for the teen-age market
Daft comedy is the most cheering film in a long while
Who swims 2.4 miles, bikes 112 miles, then runs a marathon?
A new center
'New wave' advertising trend draws mixed reviews
Settlements approved as Jordan ponders talks

THE BALKANS; A corner of East Europe defies Western stereotypes