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Monitor Archive for March 22, 1983

Sandinistas try to root out well armed rebels deep in central Nicaragua
States put new federal highway repair money to work
The mystery of meeting
More than I remembered
Will Harvard give refuge to leader of South Korea's political opposition?

Heat from the freeze
Salvadorean rebels claim Honduran jets intervening
A revised view of some recent European art -- thanks to Enzo Cucchi
New York's Brooklyn Bridge at 100 years -- still not for sale
Regan: Money shift in Europe could aid US foreign trade
His own good advice
Low fares entice the flying traveler
Natchez: in 1850 half of the millionaires in the US lived here
US looking to expand food aid for needy

Soviets talk tough on missile talks, but hint at flexibility
GNP rises, some interest rates drop as US economy pulls out of its slump
Conservatives gain ground from election in Finland
Should space go commercial?
Corporate culture: the 'very life' of a business
Students set sights on landing a job as graduation approaches
Insanity plea gets new scrutiny from Congress, courts
Christian schools vs. state government -- Maine case spotlights issue
Energy expert sees 5-year oil 'cushion' for recovery in West

Over clergy's protests, many states repealing Sunday closing laws
CAR QUIZ; What our readers told us
CAR QUIZ; What we asked our readers
Don't foreclose the family farm
The new home wonders: time to buy?

Mexico tries to pull itself together after oil price drop
Tips for choosing a career, finding a job
Former EPA toxic official snubs a House panel
After the Assam killings
Computer books help you pick the right one, translate the jargon; How to Buy a Personal Computer, by Carlton Shrum. Sherman Oaks, Calif.: Alfred Pub...
Despite new Soviet missiles, tanks, Syria is not ready to battle Israel
The wedding villanelle; (for Judith)
Court to rule on equity in use of death penalty
Ruckelshaus's chief task: restore EPA's credibility
Arens moves Israelis closer to accord with Lebanon
When you'd rather not be there
First choose software to perform tasks you want, then buy computer

Buying at a discounter may shortcircuit needed support

US-Israeli relations: just the hint of a thaw
Baseball's champion Cards to play standpat hand 'better and smarter'
Inflation ease-up brings cut in employee raises

Iran attack on Iraq expected -- this time with regular soldiers
On 4th anniversary, Europe's money system rejigs
China's economic revolution: experimenting with incentives
Beneath the surface as well
Hollywood's gushing salute to John Huston
West Germany's Strauss will not fill cabinet post
Quebec hydro for New England
Softer US tone on nuclear talks