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Monitor Archive for March 17, 1983

Visit to Olympus
The many masks of modern art
Black unions nudge forward in South Africa
Beirut: US marines take cover after ambush
Chicago mayor to seek reelection on write-ins
When workers take over a steel plant
No one's anxious to put a dollar sign on lobbying
McCormick adds a dash of salt, cardamon, basil, thyme. . .
US wonders how Canada forestalls bank failures
Survival schools rescue Indian students, culture

US toxic-waste laws called weak
Donovan backs law calling for union criminals' ouster
Channeling and guiding morality in children's television
There goes the neighborhood
Probe of papal plot uncovers network of international subversion
Claire Clouzot: film critic now dons the cape of director
ROTC; Standing taller on campus
A home-built solar heater
Grooves no longer groovy in new laser audio system
NCAA's unpredictable tournament; tennis handshakes
Senate fails to cut off debate on withholding
Chinese actor, scholar shows the art of Chinese drama
Moscow warns Israel: don't hit SAM-5 missiles
Allied by the grace of God

AWACS; American Jewish Congress takes on corporate America
Unlike his party, Percy's popular with minorities
Reagan budget hits rough road in House and Senate
Angel hopes may ride on shaky bullpen
Slaying case stumbles in Salvadorean court

'Higher' Japanese IQs traced to education
Grooming the corporate American to get on well overseas
School shows it's never too early to learn on a computer
Pullout from Lebanon: US credibility at stake

US eyes blueprint for 'new Ireland'
Rooftop gardens offer urban communities places of beauty, quiet
2 Israeli officers killed by land mine near Beirut
A Pinter tale told backward, with laughs and insights
Battle brews over bills to allow hunting in Alaska parks
One bankruptcy barometer is challenged by the experts
How to know if wall or roof faces true south

The Irish of 1776
A gust of bad publicity fails to topple Reagan's popularity
US politics mid-March 1983
New Maine product; Solar heating system is simple, much less expensive
US climbers prepare to tackle Everest the hard way
Spud skins are no small potatoes for Starret family
Reach deep for the UN
US debaters go to USSR -- and learn what a communications gap is
A look at how Americans view foreign policy
NBC plans TV program with nuclear-terror realism
Thailand overrules military to move closer to democracy
A Lebanon pact?
Monthly Movie Guide
New tone of the nonaligned