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Monitor Archive for March 15, 1983

Workers' 'right to know' about hazards gains recognition
The sunlight of Soul
Kohl cools East-West German ties, but keeps doors open
University of Virginia: Jefferson's masterpiece
Why China may put some issues on ice as it seeks a thaw in Soviet ties
Soft markets, hard rules put crimp in coal
US, Europe wrestle over trade barriers as summit nears
'Hit list' clouds US efforts to look serious about arms control
If Sharon had been American
After reprieve in local elections, French Socialists only flirt with center
Analysts doubt OPEC price cut will hold firm
Will tourism lead state's recovery from recession?
A wide-open state of few people, rich resources
Japanese pitcher returns to American mound; Bird assesses 76ers
Key refinery attacked by Salvadorean rebels
Oil-price slide adds to trials of Kentucky coal miners
Jackson Hole fights plan to drill in forest
Selling US weather satellites
From enlightened compassion
Police restore order in Miami's Liberty City
Stability and the House of Saud: coping in Arabia's shifting sands
Mothers of sons and Uncle Sam
Scientific sleuths trace meteorite to the moon
Pay issues highlighted in Census study and Congress
Industry, government team up to help a town through energy boom
Lebanese groups clash again in city of Tripoli
Early works of famous artists can surprise you
Digging up local history offers insights to the present
A European consumer plea to US
'Pirate' radio operators plunder the airwaves
Slurry pipeline may be solution to high cost of shipping coal
Guatemala plans amnesty, more freedoms, elections

East Europe can teach USSR, Soviet official says
Burying radioactive trash: some states balk at regional solutions
Give 'em 10 minutes, any topic, and they'll debate
Economic par for women sought in Washington bill
Kuwait reacts sharply to US curb on its investments
King still volleys with abandon, but what comes after tennis?

Gas and oil outlook 'sweet and sour,' with new finds amid glut
Truman wanted Soviets to fight Japan, letter says
Quebec: bills on the one hand, angry teachers on the other
State taxes on 'exported' minerals pay public-works bills
Mr. Mugabe and magnanimity
British industry looks to robots for way out of recession
Where cheap gas isn't good
The blessing of feeling special
And now -- $29 per barrel

Water projects zoom to top of state's agenda
Will 'pacifist' Japan export arms to US?
One hundred years later, Marx leaves marks on West
The master of the silent art is back on Broadway; Marcel Marceau on Broadway Pantomime entertainment created by and starring Marcel Marceau.
Poles remain cool to regime two months after martial law ends
The chill of recession touches ranchers, but energy earnings help some