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Monitor Archive for March 10, 1983

Detroit optimism takes a decided upturn
Six inspiring voyages across the Atlantic -- solo
Britain's Royal Opera House beckons the next generation
Italian Communists take left turn from compromise

The many masks of modern art
Zimbabwe opposition leader flees
British coal miners don't go for a strike
The whirling house
Computer-TV subs for chemistry labs, 'hands on' shop schools
The Casbah -- a labyrinth of humanity
South Africa's security laws draw protests
Rediscovering the drama in decency and compassion
Putting 220 tons of garbage a day where it belongs
Concertgoers immerse themselves in a pool of sound
US reveals new Soviet-arms data
Audition week at PS 156
PLO's peaceful offensive: expand ties to Israeli Jews

How to turn a 'bathtub' into a solar car
Nicaragua should practice what it preaches
Animal-style entertainment is new zoo lure to visitors
Ma Bell's Canadian cousin is also dialing a big spinoff
Salvadorean official sees amnesty to ease elections
Firebird! America's Premier Performance Car: The Complete History, by Gary L. Witzenburg. An Automobile Quarterly Marque History Book. Princeton, N....
Ash to asphalt: one use for mountains of coal waste
Hungary's reforms
US population is about 231,534,000
Political agenda slips from Reagan's control as new issues push to fore
Can rising tide of taxes wash away state deficits?
After attending a prestigious ceremony

Nonaligned nations stand divided in New Delhi, despite India's efforts
Carter on West Bank amid more violence
Luring blacks to diplomatic ranks to aid US policy abroad
Contrast with an earlier 'self'
A touch of spring: florists boost spontaneous sales
USFL a madcap attempt to sell football out of season
Reagan and communism
The high-tech search for intelligent signals from space
The morning earth
No mystery
Unexpected winners in women's golf, gymnastics; Sampson's sendoff
GM puts performance and high mileage into its '83 Buick Skyhawk
A 'CCC' for the 1980s?
Chicago suburb faces rising stack of civil-rights suits
Polish regime and church OK visit by Pope in June
Feld's Ballet School
Merchandise that's out of this world
Comment on inflation, US borrowing, metals
Census divides (and adds) West Germans

' . . . unto the third and fourth generation'
Teaching ABC's with wood and ink
Moscow mystery theater -- what's playing tonight?
How we didn't spend our summers
Sale of US satellites to industry: pie in the sky?
One town's struggle to get off EPA's cleanup list