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Monitor Archive for February 9, 1983

Sagas of today's South; Shiloh and Other Stories, by Bobbie Ann Mason. New York: Harper & Row. 247 pp.
Florence Eiseman: dressing children for 40 years
Japan's voluntary car quotas
Iran continues offensive, arrests key Communists
Commercy madeleines considered the best
Fog and structure
Israel after the inquiry
Sparsely populated Alaska has bulging prisons
Poor writing sinks new ABC sitcoms
US surveys 'rights' around world
Israeli massacre report makes waves
After Shultz visit, mistrust lingers in China-US ties
South Carolina lawsuit could slow the buildup of US nuclear arsenal
US plans no prosecution of EPA head in contempt
Inside 20th-century music
PLO to embrace caution at long-awaited summit
Pretoria ends its monetary incentive for foreign investors
Federal union leaders rap social security inclusion
Nicklaus bringing new enthusiasm to 22nd pro season
Tax-paid lobbyists
Heavy '82 trade deficit seen for OPEC members
A wistful Elgar violin concerto; Making discoveries in music -- with Yehudi Menuhin
The Andropov problem
A tale of two novels inspired by Dickens - one of them a tour de force; Magwitch, by Michael Noonan. New York: St. Martin's Press. 222 pp. $11.95. T...
Beattie's bleak, vivid galaxy; The Burning House, by Ann Beattie. New York: Random House. 256 pp. $12.95.
Preserving neon 'landmarks' -- roadside Americana
Mexico worries that oil price cut could ignite social unrest
The scattered Palestinians
Peace groups to plan joint strategy
Economists interpret cheaper oil as good for US
Home improvements: some add much more value than others
US critical of S. African rights record
States ask taxpayers to volunteer a few extra dollars for wildlife projects
The fabulous foods of China on Taiwan's small island
Chocolate delights for Valentine's Day
World Bank head says US should take lead in reviving world economyaid
Geneva moment of decision: arms control or all-out race?
Pray for your marriage
Mexican auto workers halt work to protest austerity
Soviet officials begin crackdown on theater
Recycling ribbons for computers prints out PROFIT
Renting quality skis makes sense for some
Now we know
A 'professional worrier' sees progress on world's biggest problems
Economical rice dishes ideal fare for winter
History's straight man; George Mills, by Stanley Elkin. New York: E.P. Dutton. 508 pp. $15.95.
Dr. Dolittle, you're needed . . .
High-tech wares win Denver's heart
Zimbabwe treason trial seen as signpost on nation's political future
Slash in US arms outlays sought by a House leader
Favoring the rich -- without aiding the economy
Also of note in the Alaska
Ex-boll weevil Phil Gramm may make the Republicans squirm, too
Human rights report could touch off disputes over aid
An invitation